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[iOS+Android] Resources from Engineer's Train Station are lost when using Fireman Smurf's Collect All feature in the Main Village

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  • [iOS+Android] Resources from Engineer's Train Station are lost when using Fireman Smurf's Collect All feature in the Main Village

    I have placed Engineer's train station in the MV, together with all 3 additional stations. Once a day resources are available to collect, and tapping on the station collects them successfully.

    However if I use Fireman when the resources are ready to collect, then the XP from the new station is collected, but I don't get credited with the resources. The bouncing star above the station disappears for 24 hours, and so the resources are effectively lost.

    On the mountain Fireman doesn't collect from Engineer's station - you have to tap it separately. That always struck me as odd, but at least the resources aren't lost. I do have the Fire hydrant, and Fireman successfully collects resources from Homnibus statues, Magician, etc...

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    This bug is still happening in 1.88.0
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      Hi, my new main village train isn’t giving out a reward every 24 hours. My train on the mountain is exactly the same and gives me the resources as promised ? Anybody else noticed this?


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        Just noticed I'm only getting 44 Stardust each day instead of 54 in my MV.

        It appears Fireman isn't collecting from Engineer, but the bouncing circle disappears, so to the player, it looks like it has been harvested.

        ​​​​​​I have the following:
        6 Blacksmith statue
        6 Sculptor statue
        1 Archaeologist statue
        2 Baker statue
        3 Handler statue
        2 Festive statue
        6 Painter statue
        3 Vanity statue
        3 Cupid statue
        5 Grandpa statue
        6 Papa statue
        1 Magician stage
        10 Engineer Train
        54 stardust daily

        Fireman collects only 44.

        Android version 1.87 went live on 11/25/2019. There are 36 days that have passed and I didn't notice my totals had not changed. That's 360 Stardust uncollected and lost to me. That's not insignificant.

        Obviously, the solution is to manually collect from the MV train, but since the bouncing circle disappears, I had not noticed until today that my MV daily totals were off.

        Has anyone else noticed this?

        ETA: I'm guessing the other resources from the train are also not being collected, but I don't keep track of those as closely. The first time I checked and collected manually to get totals, they were same as the mountain: 12 stone, 12 wood, 4 dye, 10 stardust daily.

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        • cosmickitten
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          Hey Schtroumpfette, yep exactly the same is happening for me. I have to try and remember to collect Engineers resources separately but it’s easy to forget and I lost so many before I even realised it was happening. It’s annoying cos as you say, it’s a lot of resources to lose, especially Stardust which is so hard to get anyway.

        • Schtroumpfette
          Schtroumpfette commented
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          cosmickitten, yeah, apparently, there was a problem already logged. It's hard to find these when searching the forum. LOL

          I understand the developers are aware and are working on it.

          You're right. It's so easy to forget to collect it manually, and stardust is scarce.

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        Just a little reminder to Popreach. When you are fixing this, please also fix that fireman from mountain area (fireman doesn't collect resources there)


        • Silver
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          Cupcake Fireman at first only collects resources from Main Village. Then Bongfish add those function to the space and island but somehow mountain got left behind. Since this main village fireman needs some fixing, I thought they could also fix that one on mountain

        • AlleycatttSmurf
          AlleycatttSmurf commented
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          Yeah I think Fireman should collect resources on the Mountain now too.

          At first it made sense because we had to add the Fire Hydrant in the MV for him to collect them, but now that he does it in all the other areas the Mountain really should be included.

        • skydiver118
          skydiver118 commented
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          All they’d need to do is add the fire hydrant to the mountain

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        This isn’t fixed in version 1.91.0


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          This bug still persist in 1.92.1


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            This bug in the MV is now fixed. Collecting from Fireman does not affect Engineer’s resources. The ability to collect from Engineer in the MV now works the same way as the mountain.
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