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[iOS+Android] Ongoing problems with Tracker Smurf disappearing prematurely and inability to complete tasks

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  • [iOS+Android] Ongoing problems with Tracker Smurf disappearing prematurely and inability to complete tasks

    Please share any problems you are having with Tracker here in this topic. Please also try and be as detailed as possible so that Beeline can look into the issues and fix the issues as soon as possible. Thank you.


    Hi everyone. I've heard from the studio & they want me to let everyone know that:
    • They have confirmed that the Multiple Trackers is indeed a bug.
    • They have confirmed that Tracker is not supposed to be disappearing and re-appearing over the course of his event.
    • This disappearing and reappearing bug will cause Tracker's multiplier to reset. Players using berries on the multiplier are doing so a their own risk.
    • They are also looking into the tasks that cannot be completed on Tracker's checklist due to wait timers.
    • They are also looking into the tasks that require items that can only be won from Mini-Games.

    As always, I'll share any new information as it becomes available.

    Thank you.

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    The Tracker Smurfs events are still broken: I get "Tracker Event over" after a few hours. Please make it possible to Disable or REMOVE the cauldron. Fulco


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      This week Tracker seems to be working ok, but he keeps on asking for Greedy-tasks alone: get XP from the game, make a Smurf eat a cherry cookie, bake this or that. It's so annoying, especially since I don't want to use any SBs on Tracker. I might, if his missions were a bit more versatile...


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        I've restated the game twice because of different issues. I'm currently on level 19. Since tracker smurf was "fixed" I get this message: tracker returns in 384467:22:56. And counting. So I'll grow really old by the time tracker decides to show up. I have never seen a tracker event.

        On both previous games, I could never finish the totem pole on the island. The MIAB bottle always has dissapeared after completing the first part of the totem. I just arrived to the island and I'm currently finishing the last quest to receive the first part of the totem pole. Since the instant I arrived to the island the first time I checked out the MIAB quest and I had only 2 days and 20 hours to complete the tasks. In a couple of hours I'll find out if the bottle won't decide to dissapear again, or if the 2 days and 20 hours is for completing the totem pole completely.

        How are these times calculated? less than 3 days to complete MIAB and 384467 days till the next tracker event?

        UPDATE: Yep, MIAB has disappeared AGAIN!! Just after completing the first part of the totem.
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          Yep, MIAB has disappeared AGAIN!! Just after completing the first part of the totem.


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            Way to go tracker!! Got a task to add 3 first thinking it wanted me to spend 90SB. Now this would be hilarious of course!'s even funnier than that! He wants me to buy them through the circus store! Hmmm this would take up a month to complete, LOL!!

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              Tracker has left fours times already today. He is a pain!


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                I think it is also not fair that Tracker Smurf is expecting us to place Circus items!

                For the 2nd week now I am getting stuck at 1.1 XP with Tracker for not having the Circus yet (out of space!) and even if I had it, for not having enough tickets to buy the things he expects.

                And why do we need everything twice or in multiples? Why 2 Fortune Tellers or 2 Rides? This is getting even worse than his other "build this" and "build that" tasks. I have just built and then deleted (!) 2 pink picnic tables followed by built and deleted 3 pink benches. Who has all that land to pile them up. Even had to delete 2 Smurfominiums he made me build.

                Can we have some more achievable and useful tasks, please?

                Good: We can now at least achieve all the game XP he asks for!


                • Vicky
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                  Instead of deleting them, put them in storage. When Tracker asks for items to build, pull them out of storage and place them. Also, when Tracker asks for logs or stones placed near the mines, simply get in move mode and tap the items that are already placed. Once you get out of move mode, Tracker checks off the items.

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                Oh wow I didn't know he asks for circus items. That's just impossible especially since you can't earn them fast, plus I wish that when you place something that has to be built you don't need to wait till it's done building, when you place it it just completes the task. And I agree with you about having to build so many items that we have too build. I have deleted countless tables that he asked me to build!


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                  Luckily I've never encountered Tracker's Circus tasked yet. As dima11 said, it's impossible to get 2 fortune tellers (960 tickets) or 2 rides (700 tickets) within the allotted time. In fact, I've been playing all the mini games for Circus diligently ever since it was introduced and I'm only 2/3rd's of the way to getting my first 480 ticket item (I'm eyeing the Circus Caravan).


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                    Although this is more a tracker problem not a circus one I fully agree! Last week it asked me for 1200 tickets! Besides that tracker should never give quests which request spending SB.


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                      Here we go again....second week in a row he disappears after 2 hours and after I had made it to 1.3 xp already....


                      • ABI0683
                        ABI0683 commented
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                        Me too! I don't know why I keep bothering with him

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                      I pretty much just ignore tracker when he comes up. The thing usually stops the next time I turn the game off and I have to start again. I think this morning I got 22 points in the 5 minutes the thing was working


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                        Biggest issue for me so far is that last night the task for gutsy was to finish on medium without losing any berries. I did it tree ties and got no reward. Ridiculous waste of berries


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                          Wait so he keeps disappearing? If so then closing and opening the game should help but if you mean that no matter what you do he doesn't open then you might find more information at the old forum there you might find more information about what's going on