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Smurfs' Village Android version 1.3.5a is live and available for download!

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  • Smurfs' Village Android version 1.3.5a is live and available for download!

    What's New in Version 1.3.5

    A Royally Cute New Update!
    - Complete Grandpa Smurf’s quests to Meet King Smurf and start rebuilding his Royal Castle on the mountaintop
    - Unlock medieval castle decorations as you complete each stage of King Smurf’s Castle Smurfy Wonder
    - Clown around with even more of your favorite mini games to earn tickets for NEW smurfy prizes from Clown Smurf!
    - Place Clown Smurf’s Ticket Machine to collect 500 prize tickets in 15 days or get his Clown Car to earn 2 extra for each completed task!
    - Celebrate the snowy holiday season with festive new crops and winter wonderful new decorations!
    - Complete a new Smurf Constellation to unlock a new space expansion on the Swoof planet

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    got it i'm working on my castle right now


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      Hi Spelling Bee, Do you happen to know when this update will be available for Amazon? I play on a Kindle Fire. I was hoping before Christmas so I could decorate accordingly but it's getting so close.


      • keke123
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        I play on kindle too the picture changed it has the new things in product information the but it doesn't have update button as yet

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      Hi Katerina. I sure don't. All I know is that when the Android version is ready, Beeline submits it to both Google and Amazon. Once submitted, Google pushes out the updates rather fast. Amazon on the other hand has a review process that is somewhat similar to Apple.

      Kindle users are just going to have to wait for Amazon to finish their review and to get it live on their App store. I do hope it's soon though for you.


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        YAY!!!!...I have upgraded and started my stairs to the mountain expansion...must...resist...the urge to spend sbs to speed it up!

        I love all the circus items (including the clown car to speed up ticket earnings!)...the kings bouncier castle is awesome & the smurfs look fab bouncing on it!

        Also loving the new smurf outfits: papa santa smurf...brainy holy smurf & of course fairy princess smurfette
        It is a shame that all the other special smurfs like jokey, scaredy, baby etc do not get smurfy Christmas outfits too!

        All seems good so far...only thing to note is the extreme lagging on panet is painful as described by ios users

        Not loving the cost of the reindeer (35sbs is very expensive...25sbs would be more in line with other items)
        ...spelling bee...could you please confirm if the reindeer will stay after the next update?...I will not purchase any if they will disappear next update...
        ...and also, if they do stay in the village, will they loose the Christmas outfits...and finally will smurfs still interact with them?


        • Ray888
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          @Kimette- As said by Spelling Bee, all of the item bought using sb will stay in your village

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        I updated my Kindle this morning with the King! Nice that Amazon did not hold out a long time.
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          So happy to have King Smurf join the village in time for Christmas!


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            Yay! Amazon released the update today! My village is so smurfy with all the Christmas decorations.