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Smurfs' Village iOS version 1.5.6 is live and available for download!

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    I too was really late updating. RL has me kinda busy right now, and I was a bit "ho-hum" about cowboy. But....WOW. I have not spent so much time in my SV for ages!! Although I am not making a big Cowboy 'range', I am really impressed with the range of decorative options. A lot of really creative designs!! The interactive unicorns are so great! They make me smile every time I see them trot through my farm. ????

    BUT the best best best item in this update......the super huge oak trees!!!!! Love love LOVE THEM!!!!! I especially love how you can fit two together and make them even bigger!!!! Thank you Beeline for our super fantastic beautiful large oak trees ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I love them so much I am redoing big parts of my MV just to fit them in. So much little time....but having fun