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Smurfs' Village iOS version 1.74.0 is live and available for download!

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  • Smurfs' Village iOS version 1.74.0 is live and available for download!

    What’s new in version 1.74.0

    A splashingly fun Ocean Themed update!
    • Mermaid Smurfette has arrived on the Island with her Ocean themed Water Hut and exclusive water critters and items!
    • More Pathways! Pathway Tile Limit increased in all areas!
    • New Magician Gargamel costume for Gargamel exclusive offer!
    • The classic Frog Prince hops in the Mega Mystery Boxes!
    • Help save the beautiful Smurfy Reef water Wonder!
    • Soak your Smurfs with new Ocean themed water items!
    Click here to watch the version 1.74.0 Announcement Trailer on YouTube!

    *Please note the following:
    • It may take up to several hours for the update to be available in every region's iOS App Store.
    • The Android version will be live on the Google Play Store, and the Amazon Appstore will follow!

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    IslandLife I hope you are happy with how your idea turned out! In terms of decorations, this is one of the BEST! UPDATES! EVER! The wonder, reef sheep, and hut customizations are all fantastic. The water items are great, too, which is why despite the all of the wonderful new deco, this update is somewhat disappointing because it lacks a water expansion. Really, if you put together all the pirate water stuff, beach accessories, water critters, water plants, islands, lighthouses, wonders, mermaid and scuba mini games, there just isn’t enough room for it all. It’s a shame because it doesn’t do justice to the items and limits the decorating potential. Please, Bongfish, make it happen!
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    • SolipsismSmurf
      SolipsismSmurf commented
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      A water expansion to the right of the island would be cooool :O Maybe add some river tiles and bridges to expand out into build-able islands or something, as well.

    • ejic12
      ejic12 commented
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      SolipsismSmurf : YES!!!!

    • Pachemz
      Pachemz commented
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      Ooooo, I like the build-able island idea!

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    Woot woooooo!
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      IslandLife It looks to be a lovely wonder, congrats

      No new games, only decos, but at least some of them are for coins, so there’s that.


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        IslandLife Love the little blue fellas working on the first stage of your reef!!! Congratulations again.


        • skydiver118
          skydiver118 commented
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          They have been doing a wonderful job with their in build animation haven’t they? So cute to see the guys heckling the builder.

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        ???????????????????????????? love it


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          Updated and ready to decorate


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            This update looks awesome!!

            I especially love the Coconut Crab, Mermaid Smurfette and her water house, and of course IslandLife ‘s Reef Wonder!!????????????????????????????????

            Though a water and land expansion on the Island is definitely necessary????????????

            And I AM SO EXCITED to see these guys in the Trailer!!! I’ve been meaning to ask for them but never thought we’d get them????????????????????????


            • Purple!
              Purple! commented
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              OMG! I love theses guys! The Slime Surpents, theses guys made the holiday episode epic! I love how Clorohydris used Azrael as a lucky charm to keep them away!

            • yosinori saitou
              yosinori saitou commented
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              cool dragons???????????? love them!!

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            I added this from the menu before it was assigned as a quest (typically do after an update). Usually when I do, the game recognizes it's already been placed and I get the quest completed dialog immediately (Wonder has been purchased and placed on the Island, not that the Wonder is now complete). Not happening this time. Do I have to complete the quest or is this a bug? If I have to complete the Wonder, I will be stuck on this quest for weeks if not months trying to accrue the resources to do so. I can't remove and have closed and reopened the app and reset phone but still the same. Anyone else with this problem? Is there an update coming?


            • Lady Redwolf
              Lady Redwolf commented
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              Thanks Spelling Bee. My Island fixed itself after I exited the game for a few hours.

            • SolipsismSmurf
              SolipsismSmurf commented
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              Spelling Bee just realized i’m having this same issue, as well. already half through the second stage of the reef wonder, so don’t really want to try the recovery tool. oooops. i have a habit of not doing quests anymore and forget to catch up on them with new updates (just unlocked the valentine’s day quest too on the island :P) i tried closing the app out and stuff, but still stuck on the placing the reef part of the quest. i’m sure it’ll fix itself eventually, even if it’s on next update. no hurrrry for me. just wanted to mention having the same issue.
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            • SolipsismSmurf
              SolipsismSmurf commented
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              actually, just seemed to fix itself. weee

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            Hi Twinkiepie and Spelling Beeplease pass on the following to the wonderful Bongfish team...
            Click image for larger version

Name:	MyVillagePicture_632.PNG
Views:	262
Size:	799.3 KB
ID:	234926
            And thanks too to my lovely fellow forum members for your wishes. ????????
            I love the Reef so much, and it's a very timely and appropriate message.
            I decorated a little last night and spent about an hour just gazing at it! ????????????????
            Click image for larger version

Name:	20190222_110020.png
Views:	224
Size:	619.0 KB
ID:	234927


            • Cupcake
              Cupcake commented
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              You and Bongfish have made a GREAT collaboration! One of my top favorite wonders- you must be so happy! Thanks for your wonderful Wonder idea, and thanks to Bongfish for the beautiful implementation!

            • AlleycatttSmurf
              AlleycatttSmurf commented
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              Congrats again IslandLife ????????????

              The Reef Wonder turned out absolutely beautiful - and the message attached is so important!! ????????????????????????????

            • happybird
              happybird commented
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              Congrats! The reef looks so darn good, and it's spectacular at night! It's now my favorite Wonder.
              Thank you, IslandLife, for sharing the idea and the design, and thank you to Bongfish for implementing it. ????????

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            ????????????????????Dear bongfish team, with these wonderful inselitems you've really surpassed yourself, ????????????????????????????????????????they are sugar and hot-tempered..???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????I'm very crazy afterwards, thank you very much for this great update, ????????only more space would have been worth it for gold, hopefully more of this soon to be able to showcase beautiful new items correctly????????☺️
            IslandLife congratulations for this wonderful wonder???????????????????????????????????????????? .... it is a small precious place I wanted to visit immediately to compete with the little blue to dive.. hope all the people of the world are aware of this and protect this preciousness in the real Life????????????????Thank you for that greatt idea????????☺️????????????
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              Hello everyone!!! Ilove the new update (????—????)
              Thank you Bongfish!! (A more coherent post later on, I just wanted to say that real quick)


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                What a fabulous update!

                The thing closest to my heart is the dialogue about the coral reefs- so important and so educational. The update would be worth it even if this had been the only thing in it! Peyo always had a moral to his stories, and this is an important one. The environment and creatures in it are a great theme for our times.

                Aside from the story, I love the roaming fish and the animations on the sea creatures. Of course, the Wonder is a spectacular addition to the area and it is hard to decide which stage I like best! I hadn’t realized that it glows at night- very cool!

                Looking forward to the EOs!


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                  Sweet update! So happy to see the result of your idea IslandLife


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                    Does anyone have an updated list of the MMB items