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Smurfs' Village Android version 1.41.1 (Bug Fix) is live and available for download!

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  • Smurfs' Village Android version 1.41.1 (Bug Fix) is live and available for download!

    What's New in Version 1.41.1

    A holly-jolly and Smurfy Christmas Update!

    - Add a bit of harmony to your villages this holiday season with Caroling Harmony Smurf and his new main village Hut!
    - Find the new and iconic Ninja Rat character hidden the Game Master's Mega Mystery Box!
    - Show Smurfette who gives the best gifts in Smurfs' Village by helping your fellow Smurfs build the monumental Smurfette Ice Sculpture wonder!
    - Celebrate the 2016 holiday season with another mysterious, free gift from the developers of Smurfs' Village which unlocks on Dec. 25th!
    - Redecorate your Smurfy villages with winter crops, and new Smurfy holiday themed items galore!

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    Merry Smurftime!

    And thank you Bongfish for correcting a very annoying mistake in the German translation of the games title.


    • Spelling Bee
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      KnittingSmurf Yes, this was a change that many German players have been requesting for a long time.

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    Exciting news, updating now


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      The fireman bug is present,weakling counters were not fixed other than that seems perfect.


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        Yes I can confirm the Fireman bug is present, I don't have weakling, no problems with the tiles.
        I love the new Christmas lights and the big bag with Christmas presents.
        Harmony's hut looks nice but a pity he doesn't sing.
        Love the new wonder!!

        PS None of my Tailor hats are missing


        • Twinkiepie
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          Thank you for the feedback saskia

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        Updated Samsung S5 running Android 5.0…fireman is ok in the grove, but is missing his water cart on village, island & mountain (it is visible when collecting xp)…no sign of flaming tomatoes!...can’t speak for the planet as the game crashes when trying to get there (using both feathers & rocket)
        …timers have all reset on grove, mountain & island (again can’t speak for planet)…all crops have withered and all wonders and xp items are ready to collect from…weakling timer remains unfixed on the island…the main village timers appear to be correct…
        … smurfette is still changing constantly into Easter Bunny outfit…
        …running short on time…will update further if any other bugs are found…
        ps…love the snow everywhere!…wish we could choose our own “background” - “ground cover” options all year round


        • Nakiamie
          Nakiamie commented
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          same bugs on my device android 6.0

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        I have the same issues as everyone else, I also noticed no change in weakling bug fireman is ok but he has no water cart just as kimette mentioned above.

        I am a bit disappointed that we don't get any new Christmas trees with this update and we have to use the old boring ones from past years.And

        The Smurfette Ice sculpture will look wonderful on the mountain the design team did a great job on it for sure.And the ninja rat is a great villain that I'm looking forward to winning from the mystery boxes soon

        I am still gonna enjoy this winter update until the bug fix is out even tho I can't go to outer space. Still really excited about the Christmas gift box, I wonder what it could be.


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          The update is 1.41.1 so maybe a bug fix has appeared I updated that version


          • Spelling Bee
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            debbles smurf Because the Android version was submitted later, it still has some of the iOS version's bugs but not all of them. That's why the change from 1.41.0 - to 1.41.1.

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          And everything looks fine


          • Spelling Bee
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            There are still some bugs in the update. Mostly graphical (like the Baby Beluga Whale, and Fireman's Water Pump Wagon etc.), but there are some players who still are crashing and can't play.

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          No snow terrain in the grove...why? It keeps snowing over there but the grass is still there, I thought we could have a Christmas village there too ah well


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            Overall the update has gone ok for me. I have the fireman graphic glitches, but he works fine. The bird feeder hut is still not working as well as weakling still wants 1000's of crops.
            I did have a problem on the planet where I got a prize from digging with puppy and when I placed it the game instantly forced closed. I tried a number of attempts to be able to go back to the planet and I only could after a full reboot of my phone. I won't know if lucky on the planet is causing the same issue until I play and choose a placeable prize.


            • debbles smurf
              debbles smurf commented
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              When you downloaded the game did it stop at 94%. I had this happen and had to restsrt the download. At first had no issues and now cannot get into the planet via rocket or feathers and even a restore to the day before I tried the rocket in preview while trying to restore and it shut down. It is definately a bug and have started a topic in problems

            • Juliesmurf
              Juliesmurf commented
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              Hi Debbles,
              My download worked fine. At first I could access the planet using feathers, once I had the forced close from placing the prize I got from puppy it gradually got worse until now I can't go there at all. Last night my granddaughter downloaded the update and the first time it stopped at about 92% and it took ages to get there. The second attempt worked fine.

            • chocolatefruitnut
              chocolatefruitnut commented
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              OMG! I had this same problem after updating the game. I spent about 800 berries to get the island from pirate's game and before I could place it, the game shut down on me!

              when you rebooted, did you get your prize back?

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            Is there any word on the Amazon update?


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              There is a problem the tree of Christmas to decorate is not available in Grove I put in all the areas (Main Village, Mountain, Island and in the planet of Swoof's) except in grove I can not find it or it was not added in the update .


              • Spelling Bee
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                Chilean Smurf Every area has some items that are shared with other areas, but not all of them are. It looks as though those trees just are not able to be placed there.

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              So, last night I was on level 32, and approximately 82% done the level. Today I went to play, and I immediately got a level up notification, so I clicked on it, but then I leveled up to level 88, received approximately 240 smurf berries.
              This sounds like it should be a good thing, but my automatic cloud save already saved it, and I can't go back to where I was.
              The problem is that I am now level 88 with 95% level complete and have -867000 coins (negative). It allows me to purchase whatever I want, but my % complete does not change...
              Obviously there is a problem, but I am not sure what to do to go back to where I was yesterday.
              has anyone ever heard of anything like this happening before? Any suggestions?
              I would love to continue playing at this level and with all the smurf berries, but I worry that I will make my game crash.
              Last edited by Kutacat; 12-11-2016, 11:23 AM.


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                Kutacat I have heard of people suddenly being in some high level or levelling up each time they come online until they reach the max level before

                There's also someone who has problems with negative coins

                And the amount fluctuating randomly

                Have you tried the hidden recovery tool? Tapping Papa Smurf's head 16 times in the menu? That's usually the recommended action when a bug appears; try to recover to a date before the corruption happened. It's different from the cloud back up.