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Smurfs' Village Android version 1.5.5.a is live and available for download!

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  • Smurfs' Village Android version 1.5.5.a is live and available for download!

    This Update is Smurfy, Springy, and So Much Fun!

    What's New?

    · Place Grouchy’s new hut in your village to unlock a village event and give Grouchy a reason to smile.
    · See Smurfette dress up as a bounding Easter bunny and collect bigger rewards from her swooning game.
    · Paint and personalize pretty Easter eggs at the new Painting Table
    · Complete the fanciful new Floral Fountain Smurfy Wonder
    · Watch Springtime bloom with cheerful new seasonal crops

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    Android update is ready!!!! Jus downloaded!!!!!


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        Have the pop-up ads been removed with this update ?


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          Is there any mini-game in which you can win some of the 2015 Easter items?


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            I've got the update on my kindle!!!!!! Yay. Trying to find room for things now.


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              We're having sooooo many problems with friendslist not loading AND gifting. Normally it's better after a new update, but this time it's worse.


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                Gosh, there's a bad bug. The colours , for example the green or the yellow of the customizations, are becoming 50% trasparent. So i have my green huts with transparency... Did it happen to some others too? I've noticed it in the main village. Unfortunately, I can post pictures :-(


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                I love all the wonderful easter decorations in this update...I have a lot of decorating to do this weekend
                So far playing Grouchy's cloud game I only got star dust and xp...hopefully there will be some rare gifts as well.


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                  It seems that every new update not only bring some new fun things (bird feeder hut is awesome) but some more bugs as well.

                  Besides the invisible customisations (I brought back some huts back to normal by putting them in and out condos over and over again) I faced the jokey bug today.

                  I had no problems with that after the last update but now I have two jokeys as well.
                  As I first thought, I had to change his clothes once again, he was stuck.

                  I just played for some minutes today before that happened so I wanted to restore. The backup village looked allright, but then the very first scene showed up: empty village, back to level 1, but over 700 sb...
                  Finally, I could restore after watching the village once, but say no, then watching it again and say yes to restore...


                  • Schlumpfine
                    Schlumpfine commented
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                    It was the first time that I restored a village.
                    Today another bug happens, after playing grouchys game, I have lost a smurf.
                    At least, all my wooden doors and other customisation are finally looking like they used to after putting the huts in the condos and out again. Some need only one try, other were put in and out for countless times, but now I made it.

                  • Tartofrez
                    Tartofrez commented
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                    Yes, I think it's more and more apparent that the game's code is unstable and it's either too far gone to be salvageable, or the programmers that knew it inside and out have left Beeline. Maybe a mix of both, who knows ? I am baffled at how they keep adding new Smurfs to the mix, before even implementing SIMPLE things that would renew the experience for seasoned players (change items lists won in the mini games, fix some bugs, etc).
                    And then one day, just like on some previous games, they just stop updating and poof, the game disappears from DL platforms. I pity the Zombie Cafe's players, who never got an official annoucement on how the game is just dead.

                  • Schlumpfine
                    Schlumpfine commented
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                    Yes, I really wish they would improve the gameplay for everyone not only via EO. Puzzle smurf or the bird hut are great, but with all the bugs around, I really might think over my next buys.
                    I had to recover once again yesterday, because fireman first became invisible and then transformed into a hut with stairs afterwards.