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Finished an Extra Mission in the Video Hut but I still have not received my Smurfberry reward

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  • Finished an Extra Mission in the Video Hut but I still have not received my Smurfberry reward

    Hi i didnt know about this forum. But i wanted to ask about the adds, i tried doing the missions and did everything but i never got the smurf berries. It was for 71 berries and i signed up for a site and put in my credit card and still i didnt get any berries saying its incomplete. I had this problem before as well, when i was checking the adds to get berries, i did so many surveys and completed them and never ever got my berries so i stopped with the stupid adds. Will something be done about this? Who can i talk to this about?

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    susuke Hi and welcome to the Community Forum! I'm sorry to hear that you had trouble in this past with your Extra Missions, but they do work and are a great way to get extra berries. When you've completed an Extra Mission, you can check on the status of your reward by tapping on the "Support" button in the upper right Corner of the Extra Missions Menu screen. In the event you have trouble receiving your reward from Bongfish's Ad-Partners, please submit a ticket to their Customer Support Team and they will sort it out for you.


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      Hi, I have the same problem with not receiving any smurfberries. I've completed 2 different missions worth 42 and 54 smurfberries last week, but still haven't received any reward.
      I've already contacted Bongfish and submitted a ticket to their Support Team, but I never got any reaction. I could really use the smurfberries and it's just such a shame that I wasted my time for those missions if I don't get anything in return.
      I believe the Extra Missions are great, because I already did a few and I always got my berries. Only not for the last two missions...
      Is there anything else I can do?
      Thank you for your help !


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        Hi Vintoxi,
        Thank you for your reply. I've submitted the ticket last week on Tuesday I think...but I guess I will wait until the report button appears so I can contact Fyber
        This forum has been a great help for me so far, so thank you (and the community) for all this great help !

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      I tried submitting the following help request through the support page, but I got a result saying "Access to was denied You don't have authorization to view this page.
      HTTP ERROR 403" There aren't any report buttons to click in the status menu of my Extra Missions section, either. I'm not sure what I should do next to get help. This is very frustrating because these extra missions took a lot of time. I should have just watched as like usual!

      Since there was a double reward offered, I tried Extra Missions for the first time. For my first one, "Too Far," it rewarded me, but for some reason it was not doubled. I know because my sister is using this game also and she got 74 smurfberries for the same task. I only got 37. Then I did another, for Mistplay, but that one takes longer to complete, so I haven't finished the steps yet. I did a third (Zirtue) and that worked fine. [I forgot, one for Yahoo seemed to lead me to some weird webpage, so I left quickly, but that one also still credited me the 2 sb.] So I tried another, Lucktastic. I fulfilled the Extra Mission requirements precisely, and it even says I completed it, but it didn't actually give me the smurfberries. I haven't uninstalled the apps or anything, because I am hoping it will kick in. I just got this device, and haven't had a tablet in 3 years, so everything I'm installing and playing is for the first time (I had a couple games on an old tablet, but nothing like these Extra Mission apps, and it was an iOS). Can you tell me why this is happening? I will attach some screengrabs so you can see what I mean. Thank you!

      I did another one for Board Kings, which also seems like it's going to take forever to complete. I honestly can't even tell what's going on in the game! I hope that one doesn't have problems too.


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        How do i get back previously saved villages? Have my level & smurf berries but back 2 level 1 in village everything else is gone


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          So sorry about your problem with your village, and welcome to the forum. Your village may have become corrupted so the first thing to do is try to recover an uncorrupted village as described below.

          Originally posted by Spelling Bee
          When your huts and items suddenly disappear, or they are replaced with something else, that typically means your village has become corrupted in some way. The quickest and safest fix for this is to immediately use the in-game recovery tool as soon as possible and restore your village to an earlier save that was made BEFORE the problem first appeared.

          To do this, go to the Smurfs’ Village Menu > Settings Tab > My Account > Local Saves > Saved Villages. On the Saved Villages Screen, go through the saves one by one and preview them until you find a good save where everything is back to normal. If this problem just happened, we would recommend starting with two days ago first, and then go back even further if needed.

          So, if for example it happened today, check the day before yesterday’s save and if that’s good, you can use that save or go back even one day further to be extra safe. Since you are essentially taking your village back in time, you will lose the recent progress that has been made since the save was created, but it's a small price to pay for removing the corruption.

          If you had made any recent purchases or obtained items that will now be lost after recovering, you can submit a ticket with the BongfishCustomer Support Team, and they will be happy to go over what they are able to resend to you.