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Community Rules for the PopReach Forum
  1. Users of the forum must adhere to the PopReach Terms of Service as agreed at signup (referred to as 'TOS') and the PopReach Forum Rules. If these are not adhered to, it may result in a temporary or permanent suspension.
  2. One account per user - registering with multiple accounts is not permitted. Please keep your username/url clean. If you are found to have created an alternate account, it will be suspended immediately without notice.
  3. Site Administrators, Community Managers, and Moderators reserve the right to edit, lock or delete any and all content in these forums at their sole discretion, for any reason and without notice. This includes spam and posts that are inappropriate/off topic.
  4. Profanity is not permitted anywhere on the PopReach Forum. This includes 'swear words' and 'l337speak' in order to bypass filters. Users who express themselves in this way will have their posts subject to editing and may be warned, suspended, or banned if excessive.
  5. NO pornographic material is allowed on the PopReach Forum. Any media uploaded or linked to within a forum post/blog/gallery that is vulgar or is deemed as inappropriate by moderators will result in automatic removal and suspension (this includes hentai and associated works). NO exceptions.
  6. Please show respect towards Community Managers, Moderators, all PopReach employees, site administrators, and of course, other users! Insults, threats and/or harassment will not be tolerated.
    1. Be considerate and respectful towards each other: We all have our differences, but please keep in mind that the PopReach Forum is open to ages 13 and up (with parental/legal guardian's permission).
    2. One purpose of the forums is in fact to facilitate discourse about the game. Please keep that in mind when posting and be accepting of other people's opinions and thoughts.
    3. Please try and be positive even when posting about issues or problems you may be having. Be constructive with your criticism, and never attack anyone personally because you may not agree with them.
    4. Any 'fight' or 'flame' thread, group or forum post with comments aimed at another PopReach community member will be locked and may result in a warning, suspension or ban.
    5. No 'flamebaiting,' 'trolling,' or spamming (rapidly reposting content or comments) on the forums or via PM.
    6. Many members of the PopReach Forum are from around the world and therefore English may not be their first language. Please be mindful and not discriminate over petty issues like spelling and grammar. It's to be noted that Unity has a translator function which is not 100% accurate, which may present broken English.
    7. Most importantly, please realize that just because it's the internet doesn't mean it's okay to be cruel. Visitors to this site come from a vast, vast variety of backgrounds and circumstances. Your words may have a profound effect on any user of this site for better or worse so take responsibility for what you say. Act responsibly.
    8. This is an international community, so comments against a country, an ethnicity, or any group of people will be removed. The forum is not a place to express political opinions.
  7. All 'off topic' discussion must be posted in the General Off Topic forum, or off-topic threads in game-specific forums. This is to curb derailment of regular threads.
  8. Please refrain from posting meaningless topics, one word (or short) non-sense posts, or the equivalent.
  9. Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed. Advertising, spamming and trolling is not allowed. This includes using the forum, email, visitor messages, blog comments, picture comments and private message systems to spam other members.
  10. Please wait a reasonable amount of time before bumping posts. For style changes and general 'how-to' questions this should be 24 hours. For specific troubleshooting issues, use 12 hours as a guideline.
  11. NO discussion of pirating, hacking, or exploiting PopReach games is permitted. Similarly, NO associated discussion or sharing of links to associated sites is permitted. This includes, but is not limited to: illegal roms, warez, emulation, hacking, exploits, mod chips/console mods, links to ISOs, APKs, firmware and other related downloads, links to sites advocating or discussing illegal, destructive and malicious activities and/or drug or substance abuse.
  12. No product or site advertising is permitted on the PopReach Forum.
  13. If you have an issue with another user or find any inappropriate content on the PopReach forum please make use of the flag function. Do NOT abuse the system by creating more flags than necessary. Although contacting a Community Manager or Moderator is fine, make sure you flag the offending content before doing so. PMs should be reserved for urgent or ongoing, unresolved matters.
  14. No promotion on the forum of other Smurf-related social media sites unless approved by PopReach.
  15. Smurfs’ Village is a “politics free” zone. Please do not make posts of a political nature.