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  • Roaming smurfs

    It would be nice if all the smurfs (that are currently standing in front of their houses) could roam. I was inspired by the tourist smurfs hut on the island. IMPORTANT: when you tap on the tourists hut he starts roaming but if you close the game he is back at his hut standing. That is why I would add the extra button so that the smurf is roaming even if you close the game and then come back, then it is up to you if you want smurf to stand in front of his hut or to roam. I edited some pitcures so you can get the idea easier (PS. please change Greedy's name to Chef as a smurfs comic book fan it has been bugging me for a while ( 5 years to be exact ) and also sorry for my bad english.).

    Happy Easter and Happy Holidays,