The following statuses will be added to each idea topic by Beeline Employees and or the Community Moderator. Please do not add these status indicators to your own idea topics. Thank you.

[ND]: No Decision
  • No decision has been made on the idea as of yet.

[UC]: Under Consideration
  • The idea has potential merit. It will be discussed until such a time where a decision is made to either reject it or proceed with it.

[NP]: Not Planned
  • The idea has been passed on in previous internal discussions and or is outright rejected for obvious reasons. Topics marked as [NP] are closed.

[IP]: Idea Planned
  • The idea has been discussed and given the go ahead to proceed. It will be added to the schedule for implementation within the game.

[IA]: Idea Added
  • The idea has come full circle and into fruition. It is now a part of the game.