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Please use the search function first and look for any preexisting topics before creating a new topic

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  • Please use the search function first and look for any preexisting topics before creating a new topic

    I am very glad to see that new smurf fans found their way to this site. It's clear that they bring their ideas with them which is positive. I do however want to ask to check the existing topics first. Most likely it's an old idea already transferred from old forum or an idea already created here. If you use the search button on the upper right corner you can check if your idea already has a topic.

    Which brings me to the next point. Please make sure to add tags when creating a new topic. This ensures it will come up when searching for key words. This will benefit all, not only for less scrolling through the idea section but also for Spelling Bee not having to merge the topics

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    Good idea- I didn't really think about the tags, but will add them from now on!


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      Thanks for sharing! I didn't know you can search for a pre-existing topic or add tags to a new one. This will definitely save me time. I hate going through the 20 pages of topics in a single category; it's a pain.


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        Good idea. Hate to see repeated idea


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          Never mind that to look through 20 pages of topics (I still skipped what I was looking for!) but to look through the others forums as well?! I thought my question wasnt an idea but a request then I saw it appear here and realized i must have skipped that one too while going through the 20 pages
          BUT! with using the search button hopefully I can find what Im looking for

          Thanks again!


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            20 plus pages, I use the search bar now.


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              The search bar can be confusing to use initially. I get the best results if I tick the 'search in the title only' option. You may need to do this a couple of times to choose the right tags.


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                How do you get more craters on the planet?


                • skydiver118
                  skydiver118 commented
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                  Tamara Zeleznik YOu get craters by dusting the ones you have to collect stars for the constellation book. Then each constellation you get done you can buy more swoof huts and use the bird to clear space to get more craters. THere is a max of 12 craters once all the space is cleared

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                I touch reporter Smurf the last two days and he tells me new rewards with the new update. I have finished all my rewards and am still waiting for the update to get a new rewards calendar, I'm wondering if I will have to pay him smurfberries when I get the update for the days I missed. I will be super mad if I do.


                • AlleycatttSmurf
                  AlleycatttSmurf commented
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                  As this Topic thread suggests you can search for the answer to any question that you have have about the game by typing it into the search bar, and will usually get the answer to your question much faster than making a post.

                  Reporter Smurf restarts at day one with every new update.