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[ND] Make it so all of the Game Master's Mystery Box prizes can be placed in all of the areas

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  • [ND] Make it so all of the Game Master's Mystery Box prizes can be placed in all of the areas

    Like the title says:
    Make all Game Masters items available at all areas. This will give us the opportunity to place items in areas where we've got room left.

    (Thought there was an existing topic but it seems it were only comments on several threads)

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    Yes, please!
    I was so disappointed by the spider only being available on the mountain; I really wanted it in my Halloween area in my MV. Or what I brought up before: The pink elephant in the grove! We have a pink dolphin there so why not a pink elephant? Or Hogatha? There are many more items that would be great in areas they are unfortunately not available in.

    Not just Game Master items, but other items, too! I came across this thread because I am looking for one in which we asked about more availability for all items (if a thread like this exists). I've been eyeing the baby pandas from the Rarity Shop since I first saw them, but I want them on my island and guess where they aren't available? :/ It's where we have an Asian wonder, Asian mini game hut, and most Asian items, yet the pandas can't be placed there. What qualifies them for more suitable to space than the island?

    Or the sheep! I wish all sheep were available everywhere.


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      Oh yes please. For those of us that don’t do the big boxes but still have dozens, literally, of some things, they are more fun to win if you can place them. that 30th teddy bear or grilling veggies or rocket smurf if you can place them in all areas.

      Please maximize the playability of items by maximizing thier placibility