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[UC] Please add designated digging patches on the Mountain or some other dig all option!

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    Cupcake hi and thanks for your help. I will try and find topics about the things I need to know before I post in the future.
    Well, they really should add the option tho. It’s kinda necessary if I ever get a really big Group of Smurfs.
    Anyways thanks again. Happy Easter ???????? to you.


    • Cupcake
      Cupcake commented
      Editing a comment
      I totally agree about the digging patches and am not sure why it has never been done, unless there’s a technical reason why is actually can’t be done.

      Have you starting diving on the Island yet? It has many of the same benefits and higher resource awards, and you can purchase a submersible for smurfberries that gives you a ‘dive all’ and ‘collect all’ function.

      Another forum hint: If you want to answer someone (like me, above) you just tap “Comment” on your own post and add the @ symbol in front of the person’s forum name- that way a conversation stays all together. You can add as many comments under the original post as necessary!