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[IP] Upgrade Clown Smurf so that we can add more Mini-Games to the list of Circus Tasks in in Smurfs' Village

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    Please please please add more of our existing mini games to the circus list! Clown was a big improvement to play and reactivate our minigames! So please add the others to the list and maybe you could add some of the EO items at his shop? P. ex. the carnival tower ride, the water spraying elephant, the high wire, the canon... There are lots of possibilities for clown and the circus theme! Please make this happen!


    • Tenny
      Tenny commented
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      Yes. A great idea to add the circus EOs to Clown Smurf. Addthe new mini-games, too and set the price for the EOs very high

    • Schlumpfine
      Schlumpfine commented
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      That's a great idea!
      I think it also would be nice when “Clown Smurf Shops“ would open in the other areas like the island (instead buying the items for SB) to add for a playground area or some old fashioned items from a “jester smurf“.
      When you have earned enough tickets you can decide where to spend them, especially when the space in MV is rare anyway.

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    I've been thinking about Clown Smurf and how I don't really use him anymore. It makes me sad. I've bought all the items I want from him and wish there were more items to choose from in his store. Changing the items in his store is not really an option, because surely there are players out there right now with 480 tickets, saving up to buy the trick snail for 500. But what about an optional upgrade? Like an Advanced Level for Clown Smurf? Here is what I am thinking:

    For 10 or 20 SB, you can upgrade Clown Smurf. This would open a whole second screen of mini-games to play for tickets. We have enough of the newer mini-games not already used by Clown to do this: Scaredy's memory game, the Christmas simon says game, Camper, Archaeologist, Karate, Lucky's 3-shell monte, Miner's mine cart game, and Grandpa's spot-the-difference.

    Of course, tickets won in this second tier of Clown's ticket scheme could be used to make purchases from a selection of super new prizes! And because of the dedication shown by players who have purchased all these mini-games, those who have persevered and shown loyalty, and upgraded Clown Smurf, they should be super, spectacular, exclusive prizes. They should be prizes to be coveted by others and prizes that make you feel all glowing and happy inside. And they should also be fairly hard to attain, as in they should all cost a minimum of 500 tickets. Oh, and we need fireworks, too, please.

    This optional upgrade would renew interest in both Clown Smurf and mini-games that are starting to grow stale. Please consider updating Clown Smurf! Thank you for your consideration.
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    • Spelling Bee
      Spelling Bee commented
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      Hi Happy. I merged your idea topic here with this preexisting one. I like your ideas on how they can make this happen and will make sure they are passed on.

    • happybird
      happybird commented
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      Thank you, Ms. Bee!

    • Evabevasmurf
      Evabevasmurf commented
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      Love it! Great idea, Happybird.

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    Voted. I hope everyone else does.


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      Voted! In fact i hope all mini games give new prizes (not just only clown)


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        Add my vote please. I'd love to see other games added.


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          Not only more mini games added but also new rewards! I've gotten everything already so more new items will motivate me to continue win the tickets.


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            Some new rewards would be great. I have stopped purposely collecting Clown Smurf's tickets for a long time as I have everything I want. Maybe also add some high priced ticket objects which award high XP to help balance out the XP requirement at the higher levels.


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              I've been stuck at part of clown smurf when he wants me to play harmony's hardest song which I can't play and no matter how well I paint the smurf hut I never get more than good. So I figure rigged to encourage the expenditure of smurfberries. I just get the tickets I get incidentally and don't try anymore. Not fun if the game has rigged elements that are impossible to get.

              I'm up to the 50 berry level of expansion anyway, so don't need more clutter


              • happybird
                happybird commented
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                There was a bug affecting the scoring on the minigames when Clown was first released, but it was supposedly fixed in the following update. My game was affected by the bug, so I can verify that the fix did work. Plus, the old problem threads about that bug have not gotten new comments for almost two years. That seems to indicate the fix worked for other players, too.

                The Smurf N Wave takes a lot of practice to get right. Once you get the pattern and flow down, it is pretty easy to always score Smurfy on that song. To call the game rigged because you have not mastered a song is inaccurate and unfair. I played it for Clown recently and got a Smurfy rating, and have many, many times in the past. So, I'd say No, the game is not rigged.

                If you take too long to paint the hut you will score a Good, no matter how perfect it looks. The fastest way to paint the hut is to quickly use the big brushes and then go back to clean up the edges with the eraser. Paint over the window while painting the pale yellow with the big brush, and come back with the small brush to add the brown and grey parts. This Smurfy hut is not perfect, but there is almost a minute left on the clock:

              • skydiver118
                skydiver118 commented
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                I have painted that hut dozens of times in the past 3 months and never get more than good. No matter how fast I paint, it's always good.

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              And also upgrade the list of prizes! I have gotten everything on the list already. Best is we can exchange tickets for sbs!


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                Please give clown new and needed attention. I like happybirds ideas and all the others suggested. Come on bongfish, please give the older minigames more attention!


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                  This is an old thread....when is Clown Smurf getting an upgrade with more mini games and prizes to redeem tickets??


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                    Why add a feature when it BARELY ever gets updated and forgotten. Come on guys!

                    If you're going to add a hut with a mini game at least connect the dots and add that new hut and mini game to other reward systems! For crying out loud, this game seems to get lazier and lazier. Can't believe as the years go on barely anything gets upgraded/updated.

                    Here are some mini games for the circus!

                    Detective smurf
                    Jokey smurf stocking
                    smurfettes balloon pop
                    Bubble smurfs bubble pop
                    chilly smurf remedy recipe

                    Hurry with the update people.


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                      this idea was posted 7 years ago..

                      I have been married since and expecting baby number 3 in October!!

                      These developers have no idea and don't even play their own game.......


                      • FaryalSia
                        FaryalSia commented
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                        Haha I revisited this thread and couldn’t remember that I already commented. It’s confusing because it says it’s planned, but still no sign. I can’t wait for new clown smurf mini games and prizes! Especially with the recent theme park update.