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Possible bug-fix/work-around for the bolts problem (suggestion for the developers)

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  • Possible bug-fix/work-around for the bolts problem (suggestion for the developers)

    First time poster, long-time reader; and apologies in advance if this is in the wrong spot (but it seems like the best place).

    I know that there's a problem with Clockwork Smurf and bolts -- that when your friends give you the right number, it resets instead of giving you the piece. However, several people have found that when they get that last bolt from Lucky's wheel, it gives them the piece like it's supposed to, and doesn't reset.

    My suggestion is that until this major bug can get fixed, we get more ways to get bolts other than from friends, so that we have a higher likelihood of getting a piece instead of getting a reset to zero:
    • increase the odds of getting a bolt from Lucky's wheel (it should at least appear as a possible prize every time, not appear only every third or fourth time)
    • add the option to purchase bolts for smurfberries (like we currently can buy pieces for 25 SB)
    • add the possibility of winning a bolt to each island game
    • add the possibility of winning a bolt to rafts (either as a random/rare drop or as a specific thing you can choose -- like "bolt voyage")
    • add the possibility of winning a bolt to diving (like there is already the possibility of getting smurfberries)
    Out of curiosity, I just spent over 30 SBs on Lucky's game trying to get a bolt, using 1 SB to "spin instantly" a few dozen times plus occasionally using 5 SB to get the second spin. I'm at a level where I have a lot of the Wonders completed so I could afford to burn them that way, but I noticed that I probably only had the option to get a bolt a half-dozen of those times (it doesn't always appear as an option even on the second spin), and never landed on it. Since that is currently our ONLY possible way to finish a piece, it would be nice if it wasn't as rare. Especially since this has been going on for years now and is quite frustrating.

    Perhaps it's not as easy as I'm thinking to get these things added/changed, but it seems like it would be a relatively easy fix to add a bolt to island games/dives/rafts or for purchase, since those things already exist in the game (just for things other than bolts). But at the very least, bumping up the odds of winning a bolt from Lucky would be much appreciated.

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    PopReach please consider this suggestions! This is a very good way of earning bolt without losing their variables. Please PopReach consider this
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