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Share your Smurf ID here to find and make new Smurfs' Village friends!

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    l24n18 mi ID♥️


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      Hello Smurfy Friends! I read this forum a lot and this is my first post! Been playing for a few months now at Level 64. I’m addicted: I play it all day and night needing to check the crops and resources! Come see my village and Swoof Planet! Nice to virtually meet all of you!

      Smurf ID: 738766
      Name: Vanity’s Mirror


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        Hi there! In need of some smurfs friends. My ID is c4rc92
        I gift everyday as well.


        • Schtroumpfette
          Schtroumpfette commented
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          I added you! My username in the game is Stroumpfette, same as I use here.

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        Hi to all Smurfy Friends,
        If you are new to the Smurfs game and need a friend my village ID
        is d6hk14 and my user name is ChristineB or if you would like to add me then please send me an invite!
        I gift everyday and water crops several times a day(since different friends have different crop schedules) I’m on level 110
        I enjoy to connect with new and older players as well.
        Have a Smurfy day! ????????????


        • AMBER DYE
          AMBER DYE commented
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          Request sent. Will gift daily

        • ChristineB
          ChristineB commented
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          Hi, Welcome! I did approve your request and have gifted as well. From your ID I believe you want dye as gift, I’m I correct? I prefer Green Potions for the xp. Thanks ????????????

        • FaryalSia
          FaryalSia commented
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          I requested you ☺️

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        My Smurf Id is 683dh8 feel free to add me.


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          can someone help me?
          I needed seed from a friend to continue with a mission
          pleas add me end help mi.


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            Hi Lucifer

            Cool name

            But we have an existing thread for friends here

            So you can make a post there, or wait and our fantastic forum host Spelling Bee can move your post into that thread.

            Now as to getting seeds....that may be a bit trickier. The game just switched to a new friending system a month or two ago and there are still some bugs to work out, namely being able to gift seeds.


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              Thanks for the answer. My spelling English is not the best, but l do my best.

              I like the name lucifer ???? its from the cat in Cinderella

              Do you know what the answer are to smuffiette riddle?

              ”I’m a giant leafy bud you can pull apart, a spiny flower with a tender heart”

              I think the answer I a rose but I’m not sure.

              I have too different village, lucifer and the other one Linda (my id 1v0227) and in that village that I have problems whit the riddle.

              thanks again for the answer


              • cosmickitten
                cosmickitten commented
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                Hi Lucifer. The answer to Smurfette’s riddle is you need to plant artichokes. ????

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              Hi! Feel free to add me... my username is ypq388 ❤️ I add back, and give gifts daily !!


              • AMBER DYE
                AMBER DYE commented
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                Requested. Will gift daily!

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              Be free to add me to friends and let’s give smurftastic likes each other!!
              Are my villages cool?
              My smurf ID is : nct5nk


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                My ID 3796x6
                i play daily


                • AMBER DYE
                  AMBER DYE commented
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                  Request sent. I will gift everyday!

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                Feel free to add me. 4729wh or search for Nerdy644.


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                  Hola,ocupo [email protected] para mí aldea,apenas voy empezando ,el q guste agregarme mi ID es Miria


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                    Please add me. Smurf ID 4hq5jc. I will gift everyday. Smurf name is AMBER DYE PLZ


                    • Kariberi
                      Kariberi commented
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                      Yes I will. I also gift everyday.

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                    I've been trying to friend request the random friend suggestions and nobody ever accepts them. I'm on at least twice a day and would love some active friends!!

                    Player ID H77gz4


                    • Gamerkiti
                      Gamerkiti commented
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                      I added you, I’m gamerkiti in the game