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Share your Smurf ID here to find and make new Smurfs' Village friends!

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  • I need Friends - My Smurf ID d41h64


    • My ID is 6v7h3h


      • Good Smurfy Morning, please feel free to add me for gifts 🎁.
        New $andyland wood yx99wc . Just back playing after a January crash. PopReach helped get some of my game back. Thank you PopReach. Most of my friends have deserted 😪 me. I try to gift daily except Holidays.


        • Hello! I’m Alecelia. You can add me as a friend at 97z303! I love looking at people’s villages for inspiration. Hope to befriend some of you soon!

          I would love to exchange gifts! I’m trying to work on some Smurfy Wonders and could really use some extra help. All help is good help!

          Happy Smurfing!


          • Please add me, my ID is nc70mp


            • Daily player. My ID is 512kqy. Thanks!


              • 1l1z5q and 2r756t
                mine and my gfs


                • 9c13dx

                  Add me. I’m not on everyday anymore but I love new friends and seeing your villages. I’ll make sure I leave a gift!


                  • 0291nn hello everyone


                    • Ciao a tutti sono Pier e gioco ai Puffi da quando è uscito il gioco.
                      Ormai sono quasi 10 anni !!
                      mi hanno consigliato di iscrivermi a questo gruppo perché mi hanno detto che ci sono molti giocatori talentuosi.
                      Il mio villaggio è molto famoso sulla pagina Facebook del gioco, la vecchia società che gestiva il gioco mi chiedeva consigli.
                      Se vi fa piacere a vedere il mio villaggio venite pure
                      ID 4crj00
                      Grazie mille dell’attenzione


                      • Cupcake
                        Cupcake commented
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                        Hi, Pier, and welcome to the forum! Please know that the forum does not have a translate capability like Facebook does, so if you want players to be able to read your posts, it is best to use Google translate or something similar.

                        I moved your post here, because this is the appropriate topic for introducing yourself. There are hundreds and hundreds of topics in different sections in the forum, so below is a guide on how to navigate it. The “News About Smurfs’ Village” section has the most activity, and is where players comment about updates etc. and I hope you will participate there. There are also sections for ideas and problems.

                        Right now we are having a Halloween screenshot contest, so please check that topic, too!

                        Here are some helpful links:

                        How to use the forum:

                        I hope this is useful.

                    • AlleycatttSmurf I would love to add you as a friend. I love seeing other peoples villages and see what they have done. You too Evanna
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                      • Cupcake
                        Cupcake commented
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                        Hi Melissa! I moved your post here because the other topic is old, and though you might admire the villages on it, this is the right place to ask.

                        If you would like to be friends with them, I suggest you either leave your Smurfy ID here, or try to find their villages within-game and request that they add you.

                        Also, because Alleycatttsmurf’s name was misspelled, she would not have seen your post, so I corrected it above. Always look to make sure their name is in blue after you have actually posted. If you don’t see it in blue, they will not be notified.

                        Please note that Evanna has not been active on the forum for a couple of years.

                      • Chat noir
                        Chat noir commented
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                        Hi, melissa. if you want friends, you’ll need to give your id here…🤗. Oops, just noticed that Cupcake already said that! 🤦🏼‍♀️‼️
                        Last edited by Chat noir; 11-06-2022, 04:55 AM.

                      • melissa
                        melissa commented
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                        My smurf Id is: w3m9zh.
                        I am active everyday, try and gift as much as i can. I look forward to adding new people.

                    • Hey there….

                      my ID is nx34gz

                      I have been playing game since it came out. This is my second device and I am on Level 51.

                      I play daily…..please add me and I will add you back.

                      Love this game!



                      • Hi! I've been playing on and off for several years now. Been through some area losses (island, mountain, pretty much everywhere but my village) but still playing! I've returned again and would like to make some friends and send gifts to each other.

                        I am looking for stone!
                        My Smurf ID is 383v1d