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How to harvest from a shrub.

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  • How to harvest from a shrub.

    How to do these two tasks
    “Harvest a crop of pears from a shrub.”
    “Harvest a shrub of acorns.”​

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    You need to place magic shrubs and then tap them and grow the crop. Go to the menus and do a search for ‘shrub’.The ones that you want are the ones that look like little trees. [The only difference in the trees is the size and cost. But the ones for coins!] You can also find them in the Farming section of the menus.

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      Crops on shrubs never wither. And if you do Tracker each week it’s common for him to ask for 2 shrubs of acorns. So you can always plant some sunday night so they are ready when tracker asks for them.

      there will also be some ‘harvest X many cherries’ or something like that.

      Know that any growing medium, be it shrubs, crop fields or flower boxes can only match the number of smurfs you have….so say you have 100 smurfs, you can only have up to a combo of flower boxes, shrubs and crop fields that does not exceed 100.

      which means sometimes if you get a really long quest - say plant 10 cherries, and you only have two shrubs, you can delete 8 crop plots, buy 8 more trees, complete the quest, then delete the trees and get your crop plots back. But if you are ever trying to buy more and are told you need another smurf to buy more, a work around for that could be to delete another way to grow to make room for the shrub….if that makes any sense.