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Bigmouth and Bigfoot

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  • Bigmouth and Bigfoot

    I have had big nose in my village since early levels, I am now at level 52 and have not been able to find bigmouth and bigfoot. Can someone help me on how t get both of these characters please?

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    Bigmouth is in the Rarity Shop for $1.99 and also in the MMB, and Bigfeet is an EO. You can request that EOs be offered here: https://forum.smurfsvillage.popreach...-on-sale-again

    We are very happy to see you here on the forum, and in the future, you can use the Search function in the upper part of the forum so you can post things pertaining to that issue or find answers to your questions more quickly in an existing topic, as there are hundreds and hundreds of them! That is how I found these answers. ▫️[It oftens helps to change the search to “Relevance” rather than “Last Update”.]

    Since you are new to the forum, you may find these tips on how to navigate it useful:


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      Many thanks