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Glowing Slime Hut paintable?

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  • Glowing Slime Hut paintable?

    Hi! Today, I got the Glowing Slime Hut and placed it in my village. I see in the description that it says it is paintable, and when I try to paint it, it does "light up" like things normally do when they can be painted, but no matter which color I choose, it doesn't actually change colors when I paint it. Just wondered if anybody else has had this problem? I can submit a ticket, but wanted to check here first to see if I'm missing something.

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    Hi Baethan! It is a bug- the paint feature was apparently supposed to work, but does not. 😔


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      Thank you for your help Cupcake ! I don't mind the slime being green, but the ability to have other colors would be nice too 😁