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  • Condo space in vilage

    Hi,I bought some condos for my village today. Can anyone explain how the numbers work? How many huts can go in each condo, and as buy more condos will I get more space? I foolishly bought 4 at the same time, and when I clicked on one to see info it said it had 8 spaces. But now it seems like that's 8 spaces across all 4 condos, does that sound correct? For the cost of each condo I would have thought I would fit more than two huts in them!

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    Hi, Sophie, and welcome to the forum! Here is the answer to how the condos work and how many huts can be stored in each. I found this in the Help section of the game.

    Click image for larger version

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    • Sophie D-A
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      Thank you cupcake! I didn't realise there was a help section in the game itself, that's brilliant.

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    This game is very good game


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      This game is very good game