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I can’t find my smurf account + data

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  • I can’t find my smurf account + data

    My smurf account was on my other device which we suspect might be missing; it is connected to my current Apple ID. However, when I re downloaded it from cloud onto my Apple device, I was given a brand new app with no record of my previous data. The app on my previous device was not deleted as that was password protected. How do I retrieve all my data please? I had accomplished a lot then and it means a lot to me. Thanks

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    Not sure what steps you took, but go into your game and Settings, My Account, Cloud Save (which is actually Popreach’s server), and Load. It will bring up a preview of what is on the PopReach server, which hopefully will be your old game. If it is, press the arrow and recover that game. If it is not, you will need to contact Customer Support through the menu on the upper left of this page. Hope this works for you!