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Is there a maximum number of times you can expand to the bottom of the main village?

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  • Is there a maximum number of times you can expand to the bottom of the main village?

    I was wondering if there is a maximum limit to how many times you can expand to the bottom of the main village for 50 SB?

    I have currently expanded twice for 50SB and I still have the option for expanding again.

    If the expansion is limitless then I might wait and use my SB for other expansions and/or speciality huts, however if there is a set limit in place then I'd rather keep expanding to the limit so I can then just arrange my main village without having to do a big rearrangement after each time I've expanded.

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    There are more, and there is definitely a maximum, but I do not remember how many there were. At some point I think they start increasing in price, but the last one was so long ago that I don’t remember how much it was! Sorry not to be of more help. skydiver118 Do you remember the number of expansions and/or the price of the last one?


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      Aminah Cupcake
      I don’t recall off the top of my head but yes, there is a certain number of 25SB, then 50sb, then 100 sb and then it can go no further.

      I know I’ve seen it somewhere but can’t recall where.

      In the past the developers have added maybe 1 expansion per area a year (give or take), but they tend to be very cautious with doing this. Adding more land means increasing the memory requirements of the game which will cause older devices to age out and be unusable sooner, so it’s not something that is very common.

      If I find the list or number I’ll post it


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        Ok, found this on facebook, may not be 100% accurate and it only refers to the main village (the post was from last year so it’ll be close, but it could also be subject to change in the future)

        You can currently purchase Extra Space (vertical expansions) for the bottom of the Main Village up to 11 times. The first four will cost you 25, the next three will cost 50, the next two will cost 75, and the final two will cost 100.


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          As far as i know there is no 75 SB expansion in the main village. You could expand for 25 (3 or 4 times), 50 and 100 SBs.

          I had two of 100 SB expansions last month but not sure if these were the only two for 100 or if there was another long before... so maybe if there were 11 expansions in summary (which i think it’s more than i am aware of) it could be 4 25er, 4 50er and 3 100er.


          • LightofFire
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            But it could be that this has changed in the past... as far as i remember i had never an expansion for 75SB but have done the first ones when they come out quickly.. so maybe this has changed after i used the available expansions.

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          I purchased expansions on my another game. Which I before have purchased 5 expansions ( don’t know exactly how much they cost) . But then 50 smurfberries (3 times); 75 smurfberries (2 times) ; 100 smurfberries (4 times);


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            That sum up to 14 expansions.... wow ???? really a lot of... and a lot of berries ???????? so i have no more expansions left it means i‘ve spent more than 800 berries for more space - and that’s only the main village ???? won’t end this list for the others... ????


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              Just an update i have done the 100 berry expansion 5 times now... and theres still a 6th...

              would be good to know somewhere, ANYWHERE, what the max number is...

              is this infinite now..???


              • Cupcake
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                Hi there! It is definitely not infinite. You can see from reading #4 above that it was about 11 back in 2020. I’m not sure how many there are now, but it is not unlimited.

              • skydiver118
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                Frenchyoutoo Definitely not infinite. I’m going to guess we’re up to 16-18 expansions. I have a game that’s not fully expanded, if I have time and berries I may expand it just for the heck of it to see how many I get and maybe we can cobble together how many there are all total.

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              Well my goal is to expand to the max every area. I can do 100 berry expand once a week easy


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                I have reached the limit of bottom expansion on the Main Village.

                100 smurfberry expansions x 9 times = 900 berries.


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                  As of today, I have expanded the 100 smurfberry expansions 9 times and I can still expand. I will return when I've reached the limit.


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                    I reached the maximum expansions. If I'm not mistaken, there should be either 12 or 13 100 berry expansions for a total of 1300 berries.

                    I placed a grid of squares to see how many tiles you should have from top to bottom is pretty much 170, I'll include an image as to what that looks like.

                    I don't remember how much it costs for the smaller berry expansions but if you're budgeting to expand from the very first 25 berry expansion I'd estimate adding 500 berries to the budget.

                    I'd say each expansion adds about six to eight tiles downward at a time but this is just quick observation and not really tested.

                    I hopes this helps anyone trying to plan their village. You don't need to expand the full village to make your village look nice, it's just a perk if you are running out of space. I probably spent six or so months grinding out smurfy wonders and gathering berries by chance to get here and now I'm left with the issue of finding enough stuff to fill all my empty space lol.

                    ​​​​​​​Next stop for me is expanding the island and mountain I suppose!
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