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Which Smurfy Wonders are the cheapest to build and should be done first?

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  • Which Smurfy Wonders are the cheapest to build and should be done first?

    Hello guys, I'm the new kid, Apollo.

    I wanted to ask what wonders should I build first? Id like to start from the cheapest wonders to the most expensive in order.
    Can you guys maybe give me a list of what wonders I should first?

    Thank you!

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    There's a list of the wonders and which ones are cheaper

    I do think the volcano varies in what you need based on the resources you have.


    • Apollo Smurf
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      Thanks @skydriver118 . Really helpful thread!

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    I'd pick the Aquarium on the Planet (not the Terrarium, but the Aquarium????) and the Castle on the Mountain. They have the best payouts of all the Wonders, so you get more bang for your buck ... or SB for your resources, I should say.


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      I've seen older posts on here saying that the Swoofy Aquarium and the Castle wonders give 2 smurfberries a week rather than one, but the help page on the game just says they give one. Can anyone verify if this is true? Also, which wonders does anyone recommend to build first? I have the barnyard and the windmill completed just because i liked them... But while i am tempted to keep doing ones i like (the waterfall on the mountain looks super pretty!) I am wondering if say thw watchtower keeps being as cheap as its 1st stage? Or does it trick you and get pricey after one commits to building it?


      • Tigerlily727
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        Please excuse my typos. I am new here and cant see how to edit the post😅

      • Cupcake
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        Welcome to the forum, Tigerlilly! I moved you post here because it is relevant to your question.

        - Click on the link in number 2 above and you will get a list of the wonders and how many resources they each take to build, total. The older wonders take less, so some people build those first, but I only build the ones that I like, too. It just depends on how you want to play the game.

        - Yes, the aquarium gives two, and I think the castle does, too. Read all the comments on the topic mentioned above, as some wonders take a percentage of your resources rather than a fixed amount. [Can be good or bad, depending on your resources! ]

        - Re the forum: You edit your comment by tapping ‘Edit’ right below it.

        - There is a topic about how to use the forum. It will be helpful in learning things like how to do a search so you find what you need quickly, rather than having to start a new topic, how to keep a conversation together (like how I answered you here) etc. Here is the link: https://forum.smurfsvillage.popreach...-use-the-forum

        Hope this is all helpful.

      • skydiver118
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        The aquarium and castle give 2 berries a week.
        Older wonders on the mountain are the cheapest to build. Mountain wonders also have companion items that you can build with resources that allow you to collect a berry every 6 days instead of 7.

        I start with the older wonders first and then once I get those done move to the early generation wonders. These are ones that take less resources.

        About 3-4 years ago the resource requirements were raised and all current wonders require that amount so once you get to those ti’s down to what you ike the most because they all cost the same.

        Follow that link up thread to the list of wonders to see what I’m talking about.

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      Thank you Cupcake and skydiver118 ! Super helpful!


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        Now which wonders do I start building? Weather machine, swoofy acquarium, or what else? I don’t have enough resources except for one! I am level 38


        • Racoon
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          I recommend Weather Machine. It can also be used for some fun effects afterwards!

        • Cupcake
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          Hi Roney: Here are some answers to your question: Please especially see post number 2 above and the link there. That whole topic will be helpful to you and answer many questions. Personally, I’d go for the aquarium- it looks good and gives two smurfberries.