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[AP] Ongoing issue with the game force closing when trying to enter a friend's village

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  • [AP] Ongoing issue with the game force closing when trying to enter a friend's village

    Spelling Bee (Community Moderator) 5 months ago
    Ongoing issue with Smurfs' Village force closing when trying to enter a friend's village

    Hello everyone. This particular crashing issue has been an ongoing one that certain players have experienced for some time when trying visit select friends. Unfortunately, the problem has become noticeably worse since updating to Smurfs' Village iOS version 1.4.0. The studio is aware of the crashing and is trying to find the cause.

    The things that could potentially help Beeline are things like:

    -Your iOS device crash logs
    - Screen shots of the village(s) that you have trouble entering (provided by either you or the friend so Beeline can look for common items/combinations)
    -Type of iOS device the person owning the village plays on
    -Type of iOS device you play on
    -Has the friend ever had their game become corrupted in the past
    -Have you ever had your game become corrupted in thee past
    -Do you often have to do D&Rs
    -Do you know if your friend often has to do D&Rs

    I mean, really any possible bit of info you think could be useful might ultimately help in the long run.

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    Tapasz 17 days ago
    Since a few days before update crashing issues got worse again. Not the ones which gave problems a few months ago but the "easy to reach" villages.

    While I can usually get in those villages after a few attempts there is only 1 village I can't reach at all! Sadly it's one of my greatest friends

    Strange thing however is that a few friends experience the same, but on different villages. A friend of mine can't reach a specific village for days in a row....while I can reach that person easily. This makes me wonder. Is there some connection error in a small part of the servers?

    Bublik 15 days ago
    Crashing becomes worse. My village is one of those causing crashes. I really don't want to create problems for my friends! Please, Beeline, do something to fix it.

    Ray888 15 days ago
    My village also causing crashing problem to my friend...I am blaming the last land expansion in my main village as the culprit :0

    Tapasz 15 days ago
    Ray, don't think that's the problem. Most of my friends have max expansions in all areas for a long time....even before crashing started. And now I crash at a few friends who never gave problems before and they didn't expand.

    It is a serious problem however, and they need to look into it asap!

    Bublik 15 days ago
    I think it is nothing to do with the land expansion. It started several days before the last update. Beeline knows better what did they do in those days what could cause this.

    Tapasz 15 days ago
    Server changes to add VIP???

    Like I said in my post yesterday, it looks like some partitions of the server blocks us out...
    Tapasz 11 days ago
    Time for another bump!!

    This needs major attention! Crashing has spread to more villages now. I haven't been able to reach 5 of my friends for over a week. And yet a friend of mine can reach them all...

    What is going on? I hate not being able to return gifts! And because of the corruption issues I'm afraid to try over and over again. Crashing out can't be good for my game.

    I'd really welcome some feedback about this. Any chance it is server related like I mentioned in my post a few days ago?

    Purple Smurf 11 days ago
    Yup! This seems to be getting worse again. Ray and Martin are a lost cause for me, and DC takes numerous tries to visit.

    happybird 11 days ago
    Could it have anything to do with the physical location of the player? Are the 'problem' villages located in the same area, globally? I was thinking about this the other night. Do players from different countries access the servers in the same way? For example: Maybe a player in the US can easily gift to Europe, but runs into crashes when trying to gift to Australia. Europe can easily gift Australia, but has problems with Hong Kong....that sort of thing?

    Bublik 11 days ago
    No, it is not connected with the location. I have several friends in my city. Some of them are easy to reach but I can't enter two of them at all.

    happybird 11 days ago
    Ok I was trying to think of reasons why it occurs that player A continually crashes while trying to gift player B, but player C can gift player B with no problem. The whole thing is very perplexing and frustrating!

    Tapasz 11 days ago
    Time zones have nothing to do with it. I still believe it's the layout of the server. Some in the same partition are locked out from another one. While Caro crashed on Jacq for days...I could reach her. The moment Caro was able to reach Jacq...I couldn't anymore.

    Martin 10 days ago
    Im in usa if that matters
    Smeone said something about sculptor i hvae him could that be it
    Ray do u have sculptor?

    Pearl Lilly 11 days ago
    A word from one of the Bees would be highly appreciated. This issue is only getting worse and I'm very worried about it. Does Beeline have a clue what's going on, are you close to a solution? Please let us know something ...

    teddybear 04 11 days ago
    Yes, where are the Bees on this issue? For me it has changed though. The villages I can't enter are mostly different from the ones before. And usually I crash out once and can enter with a second try.

    Pls do something or let us at least know that you are aware of it!

    Spelling Bee (Community Moderator) 10 days ago
    Hi guys. The studio is very aware of the issue and they are still monitoring this topic. I don't have any new information, but just wanted to let you know that they are still working on it.

    Tapasz 10 days ago
    Thanks! They better find a solution very fast before my friends ditch me for not gifting....

    CaroSmurf 10 days ago
    Thanks Spelling Bee. Appreciate it.

    AshleyJ 10 days ago
    Ray and Martinhall I've been trying to get to your villages for the past 3 days but keeps crashing! Usually after 2nd try I can get in but not this time! Will keep trying!

    Purple Smurf 10 days ago
    These are the two most problematic villages for me too! I feel bad because they are able to gift me.

    Tap Zoo 10 days ago
    I seem to have the same problem when traveling to the island, swoof's planet or mountain. The game crashes in the middle of travelling. I have not been able to visit any other area all day today, despite rebooting the device several times. I had this before the update, just not as frequently


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      Cupcake18 hours ago
      Bethany has suggested we post specific info regarding crashes. We can't know a lot of this info about our friends' villages, but if we post the info about our own villages, maybe it will help Beeline.

      I cannot get into, at all:
      Doc Abby

      Crashes first time:

      My village info is below: (CUPCAKE, PICS CAN'T BE TRANSFERED)

      - My device: iPad Mini running 7.0.4
      - Time zone: EST
      - My game became corrupted once (after I had been away for awhile with only intermittent wifi).
      - I have done one D&R, (as soon as I realized about the corruption).
      - I knew about the corruption when I stopped receiving gifts altogether.
      Below are screenshots of my MV since this is where people enter the game.

      Pearl Lilly15 hours ago
      Spelling Bee, do you need screen shots of the villages we cannot enter or do we need to post our own village?

      happybird12 hours ago
      This has been mentioned before on the gifting thread, but I thought I would add it here, as well. When certain villages crash, sometimes they can be entered after gifting everyone else on your list. For example, I can enter Lilpseudo's village whenever I save it for last, but this technique does not work for Ray's village consistently.

      Cupcake11 hours ago
      Yes, I always leave my 'problem villages' 'til ast, but still have the issues mentioned above. I posted pics of my own village because I thought it would be easier and more efficient to just post our own! The issue may not be with the crashing villages, but as Tapasz mentioned, in the relationship between the two villages. I figured if we post each other's villages, we might get lots more repetition than if we each post our own!


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        As soon as tracker is in town crashing gets worse. During his event I can't reach a few friends which I can visit on normal days (after crashing out 2-3 times). Same goes other way around, a friend can't enter my island/village as long as tracker is active. Anyone else experience the same?


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          I can still reach all my friends although I need on some of them 1 or 2 tries, but crashing is worse this week. However don't know if it is Tracker or the end of the month, because I don't think last week was this bad.


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            I truly, deeply, enormously hope they'll have a fix next update. The list of villages I can't reach is getting longer each day. It is taking the fun away of this game if you keep on crashing . The most important reason for keep on playing this game is visiting friends and forum. Forum is extremely quiet...and visiting friends is almost impossible...


            • Teddybear 04
              Teddybear 04 commented
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              So true idea where everybody went...and crashing is really bad tonight,

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            Cross post from gifting topic:

            This is insane....tried gifting for a few hours and could finally reach 16 (!!!!!!!) of my list. Erin has joined the crashing villages now. And I notice my village cause crashing for more friends. I don't want my village to be a problem for them and I'm about to give up. They can flash all new additions again...but I'm at the stage I really don't care anymore. The game is UNPLAYABLE with all crashing and lagging.

            Please skip me if you can't enter at first attempt, or better yet skip me anyway. I'll think it over for a while but am very close to hanging up my away sign and stop playing for a few days. I'm beyond the point of being annoyed or cranky. The game causes sooooooo much frustration and it's not worth it, it should be a happy distraction. Better step back before I'm going to hate the game.


            • Bublik
              Bublik commented
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              Ooooooh, Tapasz, don't say so! Forum will never be the same without you!

              We are very happy to receive new smurfs, new mini-games, creatures, tasks, territory expansions and so on.
              But wouldn't it better to devote the next update to the existing bugs fixing only? We can do some time without new stuff if it is necessary. It is really toooooo difficult to play now.

            • ABI0683
              ABI0683 commented
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              I agree with everything Bublik said!!!!!!

            • Teddybear 04
              Teddybear 04 commented
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              I totally agree! I had the same thought as Tapasz...after playing nearly 2 years....

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            You are right, Tapasz. This is getting worse. I'm so sorry it's getting so frustrating for you. I know how you feel, I was in exactly that same position a few months back


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              The crashing has gotten rampant in so many villages. Will the new update help fix the issues we are having? What are some of the things that would cause a village to crash? Any insight on this problem would help ease the frustration if we knew what some of the reasons our villages are crashing and when we could see the problem fixed.


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                To be honest and im not tryingto be mean I dont thinkthey know


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                  Had tons of crashes in random villages too


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                    I spend more time trying to get to my friends that crash than I do actually gifting the ones who I have no problems with. Gifting is a big part of the fun but now it's stressful. I'm not enjoying gifting any more. Please sort this out


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                      When I had just a few friends on my list, there seemed to be no problems with gifting. Then when I added a couple of new people to my list was when ABI and Purple started having issues with my village. Since the villages that I added after the fact were crashing when I gifted them and my friends were unable to gift me, I unfriended the newest villages ( as horrible as that sounds ) but I'm afraid the damage is already done. I continue to gift to the villages that I have never had an issue with, even if they are unable to return the gifts. Hopefully there is some sort of resolution to this problem because it is frustrating to say the least!!


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                        Please feel free to skip gifting me, I feel terrible receiving gifts when I can't return them! Hopefully this will be sorted soon because I love your village!


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                          No worries ABI...the gifting will continue because it is the season for giving and better to give than receive