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[iOS+Android] Having trouble adding friends on Facebook in version 1.73.0

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  • [iOS+Android] Having trouble adding friends on Facebook in version 1.73.0

    Hi everyone! Me and my friend are playing SmurfsVillage. I posted request for adding friends on Facebook, my friend opened the link and now he has my villige on his friend’s list, but I can’t find his village on my friend’s list. So we did as before but now the link was posted by my friend, I opened the link, but it didn’t work, I still don’t see him in friends. What’s wrong? How can I add him to my friend’s list too? Thank you for your answers!

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    come and joined to the smurf village


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      Don’t understand. The problem is that I can’t add anyone as friend in SV. I opened Facebook requests but nothing happend. Others can add me, but I can’t add others


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        There is a glitch with facebook at the moment so you may just have to wait and see for when they fix it.
        If you’d like there’s a link to the support site on the upper left of this page, you can open a ticket with Bongfish.


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          skydiver118 the server issues that caused that widespread outage a few days ago were resolved that same day. There are no known widespread issues at this point, so it's likely something else going on for plamenacek.

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          Spelling Bee

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        Hi plamenacek. To visit and send gifts, you’ll need to find other Smurfs’ Village players and add them as your friend through Facebook itself, not through the actual game. Once you are friends on Facebook, enter your game and to go the Menu > Settings Tab > My Account > Sign into your Facebook account, and then go back to the Menu > Community Tab and tap on the Visit Friends button to view the Neighbor Map.

        For finding more Facebook friends, there are two dedicated Posts in the official Smurfs' Village Facebook Community Group Page for iOS players and Android players to find new friends and let one another know what gifts they would like. To locate those dedicated Posts, just join the Group and check the Pinned Post at the top of the Group Page.

        If you are still having trouble seeing any friends on your Neighbor Map, try following these troubleshooting steps below:

        Originally posted by Bongfish
        Try going into the Smurfs' Village Menu > Settings Tab > My Account > and check to see if you are signed out of your Facebook account (the toggle switch will be red). If you are, then tap (not swipe) the toggle switch to turn it green and sign back in. Please note it may take a few seconds for this to work, especially if you are on a slower connection or older device.

        If you are already Signed in, tap on the toggle switch to sign out, and then close and exit all of your open apps, and then turn your device off and back on again. Return to the game and go back to the Menu > Settings Tab > My Account > and then sign in to your Facebook account again. Check your Neighbor Map and see if your friends are showing then.

        If that still does not work, then please exit Smurfs' Village and check your Facebook Account settings to ensure that Smurfs' Village is listed under your "Active" Apps/Games and that it's permission to use your Facebook account has not expired. If you are still having trouble, please reply back and let us know.


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          Thank you all for your advices, the bug is now fixed, helped mě to log out from FB account in game and then log in back ????