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[Android and IOS] Notifications are no longer working for Smurfs' Village despite having all of my Settings correct

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  • [Android and IOS] Notifications are no longer working for Smurfs' Village despite having all of my Settings correct

    Hi I have an android s8 and am running latest version off smurfs village but for some reason the notifications are not working but they did before and notifications are working for other stuff and games but this one.

    please help, thank you so much.

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    emuxhaven Thank you for reporting this issue. Bongfish has stated that they are aware of inconsistent notifications and will be working on a fix just as soon as they can locate the source of the problem.


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      thank you I really hope they do fix it because this really ruins the experience of playing the game.


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        I haven't been getting notified about anything and as a result all my crops keep dying. Please fix this, it's a great game but I can't be on it 24/7 staring at my crops just so I can make a bit of money


        • AlleycatttSmurf
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          Lingodo emuxhaven putting a timer on your phone for the crops is an easy enough work around while you wait for the notification fix to come out

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        Lingodo Welcome to the Forum. Are you playing on Android? If so, this problem has already been reported here:

        If not, be sure to give information on your device when reporting a problem, as IOS and Android issues are often different!

        As a note, you can usually find an answer to to your problem/question by using the search function in the upper right corner of the forum, and then can post things pertaining to that issue in that topic. It is also a lot easier to find things if you change the search to “Relevance” rather than “Last Update” (which is the default) after you do your initial search.Welcome to the forum


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          Recently change my phone from Samsung galaxy note 3 to Vivo V11. Noticed Smurf village doesn't give notification even after I turn on all notification setting in the game & also checked my phone's notification to ON. My other games work perfectly fine with my new phone. Please help me resolve my problem Thank you!


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            Same problem with my phone here. I don't receive any notifications of this game. Everything on my phone is switched on. Everything in the game is switched on. I already e-mailed Bongfish 4 weeks ago about this problem. Unfortunately the problem is still not solved. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 with Android 8.0.0. Every crop dies without knowing! The game is unplayable this way. EDIT; this problem is still not solved since september 2018 (looking at the first posting).....?
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            • AlleycatttSmurf
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              LizzyMae74 as pointed out in a few comments above the game is certainly still playable without notifications (I for one don’t even use them and have been playing for 8 years) - you can very easily set a timer on your phone after planting your crops while waiting for a fix.

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            Latest update December 16, 2018 still didn't fix my notification problem.


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              My notifications are not working at all. I have no way of knowing when my crops are ready or when a smurf had returned from a task. This has been ongoing and I have tried uninstalling the app and resetting my game to try and fix it but nothing seems to work . I am running on the latest Android software.

              please help. I love the game but this problem makes it very frustrating to play.


              • Spelling Bee
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                Aminah Hi and welcome! I'm the Community Manager here and I've gone ahead and merged your topic with this preexisting one.

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              Hi! Aminah Welcome to the Forum!

              This is an ongoing problem with Android devices. Bongfish is aware of the issue and they have been working to correct it. The issue appears to be intermittently occurring for some players, and also affecting some Android devices but not others. They've been working on the issue for a couple months but it seems to be a tricky one to fix, probably because of all the variables. Hopefully the new update coming up will help. As a temporary work around, some folks have been setting timers or alarms on their phones to notify them when crops are done. A bit of a pain, but better than losing all those coins!

              If you enter the term Notifications in the site search bar and tick off the Titles Only box, other threads about this issue will appear.

              A note: when you have an issue with the SV app, DO NOT delete and reinstall it! That can permanently erase all your daily saved game files. The game automatically saves every day at midnight and those files are very important if you ever run into an issue with game corruption and need to do a recovery (which is unlikely, but can be devastating when it happens- without those files you'd have to start over from the beginning).
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                Hi Aminah! As a note, you can usually find an answer to most of your problems/questions by using the search function in the upper left corner of the forum, and then you can post things pertaining to that issue in that topic. As happybird said, it is also a lot easier to find things if you change the search to “Relevance” rather than “Last Update” (which is the default) after you do your initial search.

                The posts pertaining to your issue are all in the link below. In this case I just typed in ‘notifications’ and it came right up.



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                  Latest update January 11, 2019 still didn't fix my notification problem I'm using Vivo V11 pro


                  • Aminah
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                    Same here, I'm using an s8 and still no changes. Why bother bringing out updates if old problems aren't fixed ????


                  • Badger
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                    It's frustrating for developers as well when they keep getting reports about a problem, but cannot find a bug in the software because it always works during testing.
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                  Hi there ttl8me & Aminah. When Bongfish does address the Notification issue, they will let the community know. Until then, this quoted message below may help explain the situation a little bit better for you both.

                  Originally posted by Bongfish
                  The nature of the Notification problem is that you either have it, or you don't. We have noted that it does appear more often on the Android version than iOS, but that version can be affected as well. We know what's happening, and to a certain extent, even why. The fix is complicated, but it is possible when we are able to do so.

                  As we've mentioned earlier, it's not a matter of if, but rather when it will be fixed. We do not have a large large Dev Team, and because of that, our resources are somewhat limited. When we acquired the game from the previous developer, we had to create a roadmap of things to address and prioritize those that affected stability, and those that didn't. While notifications are important, other issues were and are still more pressing.

                  To add to this, as we work through the game's code, we are rebuilding and debugging large swaths of it as we go. Since the notifications are tied to many different aspects of the game, it is best that we wait to restore the notifications until the underlying foundations they are connected to have been corrected, and fortified.

                  You will see some significant changes coming in the new year, and only then will our work in the background become more apparent. Until then, we kindly ask for your continued patience.


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                    Has anybody noticed a change in the notification bug status yet???


                    • LizzyMae74
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                      No, unfortunately not. I reported this problem in December 2018. We are currently in July 2019 and still this notificationproblem is not fixed. This problem is occuring on my two different Android devices. On my phone with the latest Android version notifications are not working. On my tablet the notifications are not working either. I have given up hope that this will be resolved to be honest. Since December 2018 there have been a lot of updates, sadly none of them has fixed this notificationproblem. Other games, old and new ones, are giving me notifications. SV is the only game with this notificationproblem. :-(

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                    Can someone please tell me this notification bug will now be fixed with this big new update. Starting to get really frustrated with the game now.