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[iOS] Instantly jumped from level 75 to 112 after finishing a Wood Excavation on the Swoof Planet in version 1.65.0

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  • [iOS] Instantly jumped from level 75 to 112 after finishing a Wood Excavation on the Swoof Planet in version 1.65.0

    One week ago I set up a 24 hours wood ditch at the archeologist moon hatch from which I was rewarded with 20 million XP!!! As a consequence I jumpend in the very instant from level 75 to level 112. From what I consider a bug that has completely ruined my game at Smurfs Village, I woul really apreciate if anybody could provide me with directions on how to restore the game to the previous 75 leve. Thank you in asvance. I’m using a second generation iPad.

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    I honestly what no idea what you're talking about and what you did, but as for how to get back to level 75:
    Enter your game, enter the menu. Then click the following: Settings, My Account, Local Save. This shows you a list of in game recovery files. Select the date before this happened. You will then see how your village looked at the point this safe point was created. Is that your level 75 village? Does everything look alright? Regardless of right or wrong, click the back arrow. You then will be asked if you want to load this recovery point. If everything seemed okay, do it. If something was off, don't and choose an earlier date from the list and try again.
    Whatever you did: Don't do it again. And make sure that this isn't already happening in the file you chose. If it is, you can try to claim your reward and see if it happens again -if it does, repeat the earlier steps and go select a day previous to the one you just selected. Or do that straight away if you see the smurf is already digging. Good luck!


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      He is talking about the resource dig that requires 10 swoofs to dig to get 3 wood. Sounds like they didn't select 10 swoofs which meant the reward was xp. And for what to have happened must be a bug. I am on android and dig for resources and never noticed that issue so it might be ios related only. As you pointed out restoring village to the day before should fix the issue and it might pay for ios players not to dig for resources using the swoofs until bongfish fix the issue

    • Evanna
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      debbles smurf
      After re-reading it a few times that was my guess as wll, yes. It's just phrased in a way that makes it difficult to understand immediately, or at least I didn't. 'Wood ditch' and 'moon hatch' aren't exactly terms I use for any of that.
      I think it's possible that they used more than one smurf but dug for an object. Resource digs give reesources, item digs, however, can also end up giving you xp even when you dig with ten swoofs. If I remember right, using ten swoofs puts the likelihood of receiving an item at 70%, not 100%. I received xp often enough myself when I wanted an item.

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      Also, a general but very important tip: do NOT delete and reinstall the Smurfs' Village app in an attempt fix any issues. Doing that erases all the Local Saves. If the Local Saves are erased, it may be impossible to recover your game.

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    Seems to be multiple issues with those digs only on ios not android

    Swoofs are walking round instead of digging that was a bug on android

    And not giving the correct rewards. The resource rewards should be 10 swoofs = 3 wood or 3 stone or 3 stardust or 3 dyeI checked this if that isn't what is happening then it is a bug


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      I tried it with 10 swoofs and didn’t experience the bug, but I can try it with less. I’m on a high enough level that 20 million XP will just move me percentage points so no huge harm to my game

      I’ll let you know in 24 hours, give or take


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        I had it happen yesterday- jumped from level 90 to level 114. I think what caused it was those wandering Swoofs who should have still been digging, the ones I asked about a couple days ago. Since it seemed to be an old, known, and harmless problem, I went ahead and used the Swoofs ... and it all went bad.????

        Here's how it went down: my Planet dig sites still had over an hour left on the timers, but all 84 of my Swoofs were wandering free. So, I set up another round of dig sites. Thought it would be efficient. 24 hours later, as soon as I harvested the first one of those new dig sites, my game started leveling up like crazy.

        I recovered back to a couple days ago, back before I set out that second round of dig sites. My game is back to level 90 and normal now, but I lost a cool mini game prize, the Day 7 Reporter gift, progress on my Stonehenge and Tai Chi Wonders, and a bunch of SB I got from diving--12 in one day, which was crazy lucky! (but not meant to be, I guess????) Ugh. I learned my lesson about setting out extra, illicit digging sites, that's for sure.

        Forgot to add: the digs were for Stardust, not Wood (like in Felipón's case). iPad 3, iOS 9.3.5
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        • debbles smurf
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          That was an issue I reported on android ages ago swoofs wandering around instead of digging. It seems to be ok now