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  • Avoid the offer wall

    I've been getting the run around for a month now over a glitch or something on the Offer Wall!! I completed all the tasks for a game called Manor Matters which should have resulted in me receiving 9091 berries! The Offer Wall says it paid out but it didn't so then the run around starts! First u have to contact Offer Wall to verify you completed the tasks but you weren't paid out! They do whatever they do then they contact Popreach to send the berries. This whole process took 3 days the one other time I had a scenario like this play out, of course that was for 200 berries not almost 10,000 not like that should make a difference!!

    Then Popreach after about 2 weeks of waiting starts telling me "the next time you update you'll get your berries." I knew it wasn't going to happen how was an update going to magically give me my missing berries?? So here I am over a month later, having spent real money and investing time, on a game I probably never would have played where it not for the berries and it seems like POPREACH DOESN'T CARE AT ALL!! So just be aware everyone the offer wall might not pay out and if they do it could take over a month++ so probably best to just STAY AWAY from it!!!

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    Hi, Chris, and welcome to the forum. PopReach has now sent you a detailed PM about your particular situation, so please check your Messages, which you can access on the top right of this page.


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      O I checked the ridiculous offer I'm owed 9091 and u offered 100 and somehow u think this is ok ITS NOT!! The offer was 9091 berries for nesting level 1000 I spent over a week playing a game that i never would have played and spent wat more than I would have on 100 berries on the understanding that the offer would be honored! Now u r not honoring your side of the offer so you've effectively stolen times and money from me!! It would cost you nothing to honor the offer and then change it if u want!! But changing it because you don't want to honor your part even though it would cost you nothing is not ok!! U figured I'd just roll over and accept your bs offer sorry no I'll be here every single day letting everyone know you effectively BROKE A CONTRACT AND THAT YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT THE USERS!!!