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    Hi Cupcake, I was told maybe you can help. I followed the instructions to a T in the help section given to me by Denise on the Facebook page on how to move from one Android device to another. Once done my village which was level 87 with many real money items reverted back to level one. And won't recover from the cloud save. I done a trouble ticket and was given pretty much the answer of "too bad" by Aaron. Can you help me get my village and all my EO's back or am I just really out of luck?
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    Hi, Phoenix! I will tryto help, but am not sure that I’ll be able to, as Android switching is a bit more difficult than IOS switching.

    Please le me ask a question: You say that your device won’t recover from a cloud save. Can you please describe exactly what happends when you try to load the cloud save on your new device?


    • PhoenixFrbrd
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      It would only load the level one village it would show the old one but only load the level 1 village.

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    OK, please try this. This will only work if you have your village on an old Android device.

    - Make sure AutoSave is turned off on both devices. Make sure Facebook is turned off on both devices, also.

    - It is OK to go into your level 1 village to go to settings and turn these off. Just don’t do anything else.

    - Close the game totally on both devices and make sure it is not just ‘sleeping’ in the background. To be sure, you can reboot your device.

    - Open your old device game- the old high-level one.

    - Do a manual save on the old device.

    - Totally close the game on the old device- reboot the device if necessary.

    - Go to the new device. After you play through the level 1 dialogue, immediately go to Settings, My Account, Cloud Save, Load, and hopefully you will see the save date from your old device.

    - Preview the village and make sure it is your newest one. ????

    - Tap the arrow in the lower right and wait fir a minute.

    - Say yes when you are asked if you want to accept the village.

    - The cloud save from your old device should now be on both devices.

    Please let me know if this works!


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      I never heard back from you, but am curious- were you able to recover your village?????


      • Chat noir
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        Hey Cupcake. Using my newly-refound accessibility (!) I came across this post, and thought you might like to know that this person posted on FB that his Village was back due to the intervention of ‘Smurf gods’ …. So how does it feel to be elevated to the ranks of deity?!!!

      • Cupcake
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        Chat noir Ooooooo… I’d love a promotion, but maybe it really was the Smurf gods? ????????

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      I uninstalled the game a year ago.I dont remember saving it to cloud save or not but when i get back recently, my village turns back to level 1. While visiting my own village, it stays the same(level 51). How can i recover my lost village. Please help me Cup Cake=((


      • Cupcake
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        Hi, Ô Hớn Sâm, and welcome to the forum! I moved your new topic post here (as there is no need to post twice about the same issue.)

        Please try this:

        - Open your level 1 game.

        - Immediately go to Settings, My Account, Cloud Save, and turn Cloud: Autosave to OFF!

        - Then tap the Load button.

        - Preview the loaded village and make sure it is the correct one.

        - Tap the arrow on the lower right.

        - If you are asked whether you want to accept it, tap yes.

        If you do not see your level 51 village when after you tap Load, you will need to contact Customer Support which you can do by clicking the Support button on the upper part of the screen or by clicking this link:

        Also, since you are new to the forum, you may find this link useful:

        Please let me know here if you were able to recover your game, by just tapping ‘Comment’ under your post above.

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      Thank you so muchhhhhh!!! But so sad that i lost all my smurfberries.... ........How can i receive permission to switch between android devices?


      • Cupcake
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        I’m glad it worked!

        Do you mean you have a new Android device and want your village transferred?

        As a note, if you want to answer someone (like me, here) you just tap “Comment” on your own post and add the @ symbol in front of the person’s forum name- that way a conversation stays all together. You can add as many comments under the original post as necessary!

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      Cupcake yeah I have a new device and really want to switch to that new one. So do i have to receive any permission ?


      • Cupcake
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        No permissions are needed- you just make the switch yourself following the instructions that I gave in number 3 above.