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[Contest] Tag a Smurfy Forum Friend Contest!

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  • [Contest] Tag a Smurfy Forum Friend Contest!

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    💙 Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and it is time to share the love! 💙

    We all love our Smurfs, and we love talking about them on the forum, sharing our screenshots here, and making Smurfy friends.

    So now is the time to recognize some of your Smurfy Forum Friends! It is super easy.

    You can choose someone who has been helpful to you, or someone whose screenshots you’ve enjoyed; anyone who you think deserves recognition. If you’d like, you can say a few words about why you are nominating them. Just follow the guidelines below, and show some love!

    A random drawing will be made of three Smurfy pairs of friends.

    📜 Rules and Guidelines 📜
    • Please tag just ONE forum friend per post. You can submit the names of up to five forum friends, but each friend must be tagged in a separate post.
    • Please use their forum name with the “@” in front of it, so they know they’ve been tagged by a friend!
    • Even if a friend has been named in someone else’s post, you can still tag them again! [Don’t forget, the drawing is random.]
    • Submit your entries as a comment to this topic only. Entries submitted elsewhere such as in another topic will not be counted.
    • Submissions must be received by 14th February 2023 MIDNIGHT UTC. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.
    • A forum member can only win once and receive one prize despite multiple entries, but the more times you enter (up to five) the more chances to win!
    • Winners must provide their own Smurf ID/Support ID to claim their prize. Prizes cannot be passed to or be claimed by someone else.
    🔹 Note: Cupcake, Skydiver118, and Cosmickitten are not eligible forum friends (but we love you all!)

    🎁 Prizes and Winners🎁

    Three pairs of winners will be chosen in a random drawing and will win 225 stardust, as well as 40 smurfberries each to buy a Valentine item of their choice!

    ✔️ Additional Guidelines ✔️

    Make sure to check your Private Messages here on the Forum and your email after the contest to see if you’ve won.

    Never share your Support ID or other personal information on this forum, on Facebook, or with other players. PopReach Employees will contact you by PM or email.

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    Morning Sky


    • #3
      Alex Smurf


    • #4
      Purple! ……….


      • #5
        Chat noir ……


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          yosinori saitou


          • #7
            Tagging Chat noir! We've known each other here on the forum for quite a few years now. 😊💙


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              Tagging Cupcakebecause she's super helpful, gives so many of her hours to run the forum, and is a good friend. 😊💙


              • Cupcake
                Cupcake commented
                Editing a comment
                Oh no! I’m not eligible! Though I am ever so grateful for your vote 🙏🙏🙏 perhaps you could edit this and name another Smurfy friend?

              • Schtroumpfette
                Schtroumpfette commented
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                Cupcake, I figured you might not be, but I still wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all you do and how much I value your friendship. <3 I will name another smurfy friend in a new post.

              • Cupcake
                Cupcake commented
                Editing a comment
                Thank yoooou! 🥰 I’ll take this down when you submit a new one, as I don’t want PopReach to think you’ve sumbitted to many.

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              Tagging Skyblackmy newest forum friend! 💙😊


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                        I wish I could list everybody here because this is such a Smurfy place to be and all of you have been so helpful to me.

                        For now, I have to give a big shout out to AlleycatttSmurf !


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                          Purple! Can't forget you!