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[Alert] Alert to Android Google Play users re update 2.29.1!

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  • [Alert] Alert to Android Google Play users re update 2.29.1!

    Alert to Android users! If you do play on Android and have not installed the incremental update of 2.29.1 please do not install it at this point in time.It appears that the newest update is causing some specific Android devices to crash.

    If it is already installed and your game is crashing, please fill out a support ticket with the details of your device. This assists the tech team in gathering just which Android devices are having issues and will assist them in tracking it down.Thus far it was believed that this issue was primarily isolated to Samsung devices, but we are now receiving reports that other models and brands are also having issues. Thank you so much for your assistance and again, PopReach apologizes for the issues. If you give them the following info in your Support ticket it will be very helpful:

    -Device Name
    -Device model
    -Device OS
    -Free memory

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    Thank you for the info, Cupcake! 💜💜💜


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      CoraPR is there an update? Have the developers found the source of the problem and have they submitted a bug fix to Google?


      • CoraPR
        CoraPR commented
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        The team is still actively working on a fix! Hopefully will have it resolved soon. We'll post an update here as soon as we get one!

      • Schtroumpfette
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        CoraPR thank you!

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      Hi everyone! It appears that 2.30.0 also includes the Android fix!