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The Smurfs' Village Limited-Time Events!

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  • The Smurfs' Village Limited-Time Events!

    Hi everyone! Please put you comments and issues below for these events.

    ➡️ PopReach is working to fix the bugs related to LTE, and the following should now be working properly:

    Verbiage from the previous LTE:

    If you have any other feedback for this event, feel free to comment down below! It's greatly appreciated.

    Note: To participate in the Limited-Time-Event, please make sure to update your game to the latest version. This version is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now.

    Once again, we look forward to hearing your feedback.

    1. What is this LTE about?
    - The new Limited-Time-Event feature will provide a community ‘Leaderboard’ where players may climb by completing a series of in-game objectives. In-game resources and unique items will be rewarded to players who reach the milestone objectives.

    2. My friends are able to participate in the event, but I’m not seeing it in my game.
    - You need to be on latest version of the game to participate in the event. If you are in the older version, please visit App/Play Store to update the game.

    3. How do I access LTE? Does it cost to participate in the event?
    - The Event will become active when the timer is up, and a tutorial will play automatically once the event is online. This event can be accessed by tapping on the Megaphone Icon on the left of the screen.
    It does not cost anything to participate.

    4. Anyone can participate in this event?
    - Everyone above Level 10 can participate in this event.

    5. Can I play with my friends as a group?
    - Players won't be able to play as a group but will be competing against each other for the placement on the Global Leaderboard and cooperating to increase the rewards everyone receives when the event ends.

    6. What are the rewards for participating?
    - In-game resources and items will be rewarded.

    7. Can I play the Event Offline?
    - Unfortunately, no. This event cannot be played offline. You must be connected to the internet to play the event and have your progress counted. If there are some connection issues you may see a warning box with the ‘LOST INTERNET CONNECTION’ message.

    8. Do I need to be logged in to the Smurf ID to play the event?
    - You don’t need to be logged in to your Smurf ID to play the event.

    9. Do I have to complete all three Objectives which are shown at the start in Smurfy Goal to unlock the first rewards?
    - You can complete any three Objectives to unlock the next node. As soon as the objective is met, it will get replaced by a new Objective. If a user completes any 3 Objectives, then one node station is unlocked, and the rewards will be given for the unlocked node station.
    The number of tasks required to be completed for unlocking the next station is mentioned on the right side of the Track 'Complete To Unlock Next'

    10. How do I claim my rewards? I tapped on the chest, and a window popped up showing the rewards. But they have not been added to my account. I did not see any claim button, and I closed it. Where did my rewards go?
    - To claim the rewards, players have to tap on the individual rewards to collect them. Even if you have closed the reward with the ‘X’ icon, it will reappear when you reopen the Smurfy Goal Tab.

    11. Can I change an Objective that I find too hard to complete?
    - There is an option to Skip Objective by using Smurfberries next to the Objective in Smurfy Goal Tab. Players will receive rewards even if they complete objectives using Smurfberries but they do have to complete 3 objectives (skipping 3 objectives using Smurfberries or partially completing using normal gameplay and then completing the remaining by Smurfberries) to unlock the next set of rewards.

    12. What are the goals in LTE?
    - Players will be completing Objectives available in Smurfy Goal Tab for Individual rewards. Village Points earned during the process will be accumulated and if the Village Goal is reached before the event ends, then everyone will receive Crate rewards that are available in the Village Goal Tab

    13. All my mini-games are on cooldown! Anything I can do to complete the Mini-Game Objective?
    - Players can practice and complete the mini-game objective (Example: Practicing in the Baker Mini-Game)

    14. I completed an objective but my rank is not updated.
    - Since the data is saved on the server, it sometimes takes a while to update on your device.

    15. I won an item and I want to place it in a different location apart from the Main Village. Can I do that?
    - When collecting any placeable reward item, players will get an option to choose the area where the item can be placed.

    16. I planted a crop while the event was live and now the event has ended and I have collected the crop. Can my points still get added to the Leaderboard?
    - You will receive the Village Points only for the crops you have harvested while the event is running. But you will still receive the XP for the crop planted.

    17. Can I play any mini-game in the objective ‘Play any mini-game X10’ or do I have to play the same one 10 times?
    - Players can play any 10 mini-games or they can also play the same mini-game 10 times to finish objectives. Mini-games can be played in any area of the map. (Baker is also considered as a mini-game and can be used to complete this quest)

    18. What are Village Points and why do I need to collect them?
    - Village Points decide the player's position on the Leaderboard. The more Village Points you collect, the higher you get placed on the Global Leaderboard. Once the Village Goal has been accomplished, everyone will receive the crate rewards. But you will get more Trophy Shards, a UNIQUE ITEM that is only for this event. The higher you stand on the Leaderboard, the more Trophy Shards you can receive, which is a Unique Item.

    19. When can we collect Crate Reward?
    - Everyone who has participated in the event can collect an unlocked Crate Reward once the event has ended. Please tap on the rewards to claim them.

    20. Help! I Cannot plant the LTE objective crops using Farmer Smurf.
    - Currently, the Smurfy objectives cannot be completed via Farmer Smurf. To complete the objectives, you have to manually plant the crops. However, any crops that aren't Smurfy objectives can be planted via Farmer Smurf.

    Trophy Update:
    Please be advised that, due to additional technical development required, Trophy Shards will not be available for the next several months. We are working towards delivering a nice system reward for you to enjoy as part of the Limited-Time-Event experience, so please stay tuned! Thank you very much for your patience.

    As always, thank you for being a part of our wonderful community and support.

    The Smurfs’ Village Team
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    Could someone please let us know details (duration, if any of the previous problems have been addressed, if there will be Trophy Shards awarded, etc.) for the LTE notice I'm seeing on my screen?

    The timer indicates it will begin in ONE Hour.


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      Hi Schtroumpfette, the LTE will run from 23rd June 2022 06:00 PM UTC to 26th June 2022 04:00 AM UTC. It will be similar to the previous events we've had, but the team has fixed a few of the issues that have been reported from those events. If any new issues come up during this event, please do not hesitate to let us know by writing up a support ticket.

      PS. I'm thinking of making an LTE mega thread since these events are a regular thing now...I'll include FAQs, event schedules etc, but if there's anything specific you want me to add let me know!


      • Schtroumpfette
        Schtroumpfette commented
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        Thank you, CoraPR. I'll be watching Android performance during the event.

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      The event is kind of buggy. I could plant Avocados at first but now they are gone. Also my crop fields at the planet disappeared afterwards and I had to place new ones.


      • Cupcake
        Cupcake commented
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        Yes, there are still many issues. The only ones reported to have been fixed are the ones listed at the beginning of the topic. Please continue to list all the problems that you find here, and submit tickets

      • melissa
        melissa commented
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        I got the Luminous Hut as a prize, but there seems to be nothing new. I click on it and i get the same main menu.

      • Cupcake
        Cupcake commented
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        melissa Yes, Melissa, that is an issue with all the recent special huts after they are first introduced. The items that they introduced are then in the main menus.

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      FYI, crop harvesting on the island for 225 farm plots just took 1:20 minutes.

      It appears no improvements have been made on the Android platform.


      • CoraPR
        CoraPR commented
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        Thanks for letting me know Schtroumpfette, I know how frustrating it has been. I will let the team know.

      • Schtroumpfette
        Schtroumpfette commented
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        Thank you, CoraPR!

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      A note about our display names in the event. It's using my name "Schtroumpfette -Dye" and an old avatar instead of "Schtroumpfette-GPtn" and the blue potion avatar.

      Developers should be aware, players change their avatars and dispay names regularly. I changed mine about a week or so ago. So, perhaps they can scrape all the fields when they match to find our level.


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        The bronze crate prize is the Sun Costume….this item is ONLY in the Grove as far as I can tell (it’s purchasable with rare seeds) so will be unavailable for any player that hasn’t attained the grove yet. In addition it’ll be vulnerable to the ‘crashing when traveling to place a gift’ glitch that has been a part of thie event since its inception.


        • Cupcake
          Cupcake commented
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          Yes, ALL prizes must be for the Main Village so that all players can receive them.

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        after I have havested my avocados and move on to a different task in the village (so I haven't even gone anywhere) by the time I'm finished it resets and the avocados and 2 raspberry plots I grew are back. I checked and I'm pretty sure the prizes I got are still there, just annoying when I need to plant anything else


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          While I had the event open, the "Smurfy News" ad popped up incomplete. The arrow to remove the ad only appears after closing the event.


          • Lilly
            Lilly commented
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            I have gotten this error several times. The only way I could get out of it was to completely close the game and reopen it. The arrow to close never appeared for the ad and I couldn’t close the event any other way.
            Last edited by Lilly; 06-25-2022, 03:34 PM.

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          The train station prizes really must change with each event. I have about 2 dozen riding toys now and honestly don’t want them. They’re clutter. If you cannot change the prizes each time you run this then make the station prizes nothing but resources. Maybe add rare seeds into the mix.

          I can’t get the slot 3 quest to change. Slot 1 is play games, slot 2 is play games, slot 3 is play games and all my game play credits to slot 1.
          The way this used to be was, if you had all 3 slots being to play a game a single game play credited towards each slot, but you’ve changed that. Which means if I’m a newer player with 3 mini games and I have to play 6 times or more I’m stuck playing the same game over and over and over.

          How about, since you’ve changed how game play credits towards the quests, you break up what players can be asked to do…maybe slot 1 is only game play quests, slot 2 is only crops and slot 3 can be something else - because the way you have it set up now if I have mini games in slot 1 and 2 I can never access slot 3 to do that quest because all my game play credits towards slot 1 and 2. So why even have a third slot? I have a quest down there that says ‘play 1 mini game’ that will not complete because I have to play 5 and 3 above it. It is very frustrating because I’m literally trapped in playing the same mini games over and over and over to win the same boring station prizes I’ve already won 10 times over.

          we are experiencing constant server errors, especially during the daytime in the US. I’m sure this is because its’ also daytime for europe and there’s just more server load than your servers can handle. But it gets very frustrating to have to play the same tedious mini games over and over and over and have that game play not count because there’s a server error in the middle that resets it (This is what I suspect happens when I need to play 8-9 games to clear a ‘play 5 games’ quest.

          If you have a server glitch in the middle of crops, especially avocados, you end up with your avocados going to hundreds of hours so you have to manually delete them.

          notifications still do not work on avocados.


          • Schlumpfine
            Schlumpfine commented
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            So far, this is the second LTE because I just started playing again and even then, the prizes except the resources are not really exiting. Also it would be so helpful to have a counter to show you how much progress you already made because now, you don‘t now how much crops are counted, how many mini games you still have to play and it seems you always need more than the number asked for to really reach the goal.

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          Something PopReach may wish to consider for Crate prizes is to create new prizes that no player would have purchased previously.

          That way, you don't end up reducing EO revenue by giving away EO prizes that your new players haven't yet purchased and frustrating longtime players by giving away something for which they paid real money.


          • Morning Sky
            Morning Sky commented
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            I totally agree

          • skydiver118
            skydiver118 commented
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            That would be wonderful. Something to truly make it worth playing. I have 3 games, I only do the LTE on my baby game because I need the resources. This is because the prizes are - generally - boring. The station prizes are things that I already have multiples of and really don’t want any more of.

            I’m sure this LTE is in the name of ‘player engagement’, but it’s not very engaging if the prizes are not all that thrilling.

          • AlleycatttSmurf
            AlleycatttSmurf commented
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            100% agree. The prizes should be brand new items.

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          Only with this iteration of it.

          Avocados do not notify you when they are finished growing.

          if there is a server issue while growing avocados (lost communication) the avocados can now require hundreds of hours to grow (work around - just delete them)

          Server issues throughout, sometimes making it impossible to collect prizes, other times resulting in quests changing mid quest (be told to grow raspberries, you grow them, they do not count and you have to grow them all over, you could be told to play 5 games but ultimately have to play 10 or more for it to clear)

          Quests do not readily change. All actions credit only to the top applicable quest. (Be told to play 10 games, then below that 5 games, below that 1 game, you may never complete the play 1 game quest because all your game play is applied to the top one only, so if you play 10 and then that quest changes to play 10 more games, your further game play goes to clear the 10 games, not the 5 or 1 that is below it)

          Can’t gift friends - many report issues gifting friends during the LTE

          You are not participating in the LTE but cannot find a quested crop in Farmer’s list - if a crop is requested by the LTE, even if you are not participating in the LTE that crop will disappear from Farmer’s list. This applies with Doctor, Dentist and Papa/Brainy smurf quests. The only work around is to plant manually, wait until the LTE Is over so you can use Farmer, or do the task in the LTE to get the required crop again available in Farmer’s menu

          No counter telling you what progress you’ve made - this is especially challenging in the play games quests because you can’t always know which game play counts, especially with persistent server issues.

          Players are experiencing a loss of / corruption of crop plots used to plant avocados anywhere but the main village. A work around is to ONLY plant LTE crops in the main village. If you experience this you will ultimately have to re-buy your crop plots.

          Players do not always realize they are done with individual quests when the counter reaches zero. Perhaps a popup or ‘congratulations for completing your quests, be sure to check back when the LTE is over to collect any crate prizes’ would be helpful
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            Hi I am getting a pop up on the event which is stopping me from playing the game


            • Cupcake
              Cupcake commented
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              Welcome to the forum! I’ve moved your post here as this is a whole topic about this LTE. The problem you mention is a known frustration. Try clicking through the pop-up and tutorial; you don’t have to play if you don’t want to but eventually you should get to your game.

              To learn how to use the forum and find things relevant to you questions/concerns, please look through this topic:

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            CoraPR so I tried to get the bronze/silver/gold/platinum prizes and it stopped after the bronze. Do I fill out a ticket to get the rest delivered to me, bc the LTE event button has disappeared from my village


            • skydiver118
              skydiver118 commented
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              md432 Yes ALWAYS fill out a ticket. While Popreach may read these threads it’s good to have issues in the ticket system so they are ‘real’ and quantified (as in we have 100 tickets about this topic). They can also look into replacing the items you were not able to get.

            • md432
              md432 commented
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              Ok cosmickitten and skydiver118 I will fill out a ticket. Do you guys remember the prizes from those chests, I didn’t get a good look before they crashed lol. Or should I fill it out in general and refer to the chests collectively?

            • cosmickitten
              cosmickitten commented
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              I don’t really play the LTE md432 so I don’t remember what the prizes were I’m afraid. I would just refer to the chests collectively if I were you.

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            Dear Smurfs game design team,

            I have issue with claiming rewards of the latest limited time event. I have reached all the goals, but since I did not know how to claim the reward, I ended up with no rewards. I finally found out from the Q&A section that I have to click on each individual reward to received them, but since the event has ended, It seems like I cannot do it right now. Thus, I am wondering whether I could receive the rewards in another way. I did committed lots of time to completed those tasks and it would be a pity to ended up with nothing. You may find my account via name GameBear or email of this smurfs forums account. Thank you so much!

            Last edited by GameBear; 06-27-2022, 10:21 AM.


            • Cupcake
              Cupcake commented
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              Hi Game Bear and welcome to the forum! Please read @skydiver118’s comment below and fill out a Customer Support ticket.

              Regarding finding what you need on the forum: Please always check the newest update topics under ‘News About Amurfs’ Village’ but if you don’t see a relevant topic there, please use the Search function in the upper part of the forum so you can post things pertaining to that issue or find answers to your questions more quickly in an existing topic, rather than starting a new one. [It often helps to change the search to “Relevance” rather than “Last Update” (which is the default) after the initial search is done.]

              If you want more helpful tips about using the forum, please see here:

            • Cupcake
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              A duplicate post was just made, but with a different name. Please note that each player is allowed only one account on the forum, so I’ve removed the second one.