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LTE in One Hour

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  • LTE in One Hour

    Could someone please let us know details (duration, if any of the previous problems have been addressed, if there will be Trophy Shards awarded, etc.) for the LTE notice I'm seeing on my screen?

    The timer indicates it will begin in ONE Hour.

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    Hi Schtroumpfette, the LTE will run from 23rd June 2022 06:00 PM UTC to 26th June 2022 04:00 AM UTC. It will be similar to the previous events we've had, but the team has fixed a few of the issues that have been reported from those events. If any new issues come up during this event, please do not hesitate to let us know by writing up a support ticket.

    PS. I'm thinking of making an LTE mega thread since these events are a regular thing now...I'll include FAQs, event schedules etc, but if there's anything specific you want me to add let me know!
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    • Schtroumpfette
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      Thank you, CoraPR. I'll be watching Android performance during the event.

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    The event is kind of buggy. I could plant Avocados at first but now they are gone. Also my crop fields at the planet disappeared afterwards and I had to place new ones.


    • Cupcake
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      The disappearing fields in areas other than the Main Village has been an ongoing problem. For now, I recommend that you plant only in the MV.

    • Schlumpfine
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      There was also an issue with the crop growing times in different areas.

    • skydiver118
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      Yeah Schlumpfine I agree with cupcake, just keep your LTE crops to the main village.

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    FYI, crop harvesting on the island for 225 farm plots just took 1:20 minutes.

    It appears no improvements have been made on the Android platform.


    • CoraPR
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      Thanks for letting me know Schtroumpfette, I know how frustrating it has been. I will let the team know.

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    Hi everyone! This is a temporary post until the mega-LTE topic is posted (probably next week) but I thought you might like this info now.

    PopReach is working to fix the bugs related to LTE, and the following should now be working properly:

    - Avocado crops in the Main Village will grow even if you switch to a different area before a Smurf starts watering the garden.*
    - The Leaderboard should now show your correct level, even if you level up during the event.
    - The prizes should now be translated properly to other languages.
    - The Tutorial should not repeat when visiting someone else’s village.

    * Personally, I advise you to grow all LTE crops in your Main Village due to ongoing bugs with disappearing crops/fields in some other areas.

    If you do find that you still have issues with any of the above, please tap “Comment” below this post and give whatever details you can. [It also always helps if you fill out a Customer Support ticket. ????]
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    A note about our display names in the event. It's using my name "Schtroumpfette -Dye" and an old avatar instead of "Schtroumpfette-GPtn" and the blue potion avatar.

    Developers should be aware, players change their avatars and dispay names regularly. I changed mine about a week or so ago. So, perhaps they can scrape all the fields when they match to find our level.


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      Hi everyone! The topic for the new LTE where you can put your comments and issues is here:

      BTW, I’ve copied the posts here over to that topic.