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Tips on How to Use the Forum!

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  • Tips on How to Use the Forum!

    This topic contains some information, tips and hints about using the forum and finding information, along with some useful links. There are hundreds of topics with questions, answers, suggestions etc., so knowing how to navigate will help you find info and answers that you want more quickly.

    This topic is informational only… Please do not post comments or problems here. If you are having a problem with the forum at any time, please fill out a Customer Support ticket.


    ✔️ HOW TO NAVIGATE THE FORUM: The forum is divided into a number of sections (and some have sub-sections.) Within those sections there are various topics. Here is the link to the page from which you can navigate to any one of those sections:

    Below is a screenshot of the actual page. On the left are the Smurfs’ Village forum sections. If you tap on one of those sections, all the topics in that section will show up. The last topic commented on shows on the right.

    ✔️ LINK TO COMMUNITY RULES: The forum is a very Smurfy community of players who love the game, and here are some guidelines to follow:

    ✔️ HOW TO DO A SEARCH: This is very important! Please always check the newest update topic, but if you don’t see anything there, please use the Search function in the upper part of the forum so you can post things pertaining to an issue or find answers to your questions more quickly in an existing topic, rather than starting a new one. It oftens helps to change the search to “Relevance” rather than “Last Update” (which is the default) after the initial search is done.

    ✔️ KEEPING A CONVERSATION TOGETHER: Use “Comments”! If you want to answer someone on a post that they (or you) have made, you just tap “Comment” under that initial post and add the @ symbol in front of the person’s forum name- that way a conversation stays all together!

    ✔️ CUSTOMER SUPPORT: If you have a problem with your game and cannot find an answer on the forum after doing a search, you will need to contact Customer Support. Please do this even if others are reporting the same issue, as PopReach needs to know the details of the devices that are having problems, and how many people it is affecting. There is a ‘Support’ tab at the top of every forum page, or you can use this link:

    ✔️ UPLOADING SCREENSHOTS: Here are the basics. Use the ‘Upload Attachment‘ button right below the box where you type your comments. Once you have completed choosing the pic, and it has uploaded (you won’t see it in the message yet), put your cursor where you want your pic to appear, choose the size by tapping it, and it will appear where your cursor was.

    If you get the ‘too large’ message when you try to upload it (there is a max size of 2 MB) try zooming out when you do your screenshot and then cropping it smaller before you upload it. [IOS users can also choose from a variety of sizes when they choose their pic from their camera roll.]

    ✔️ SPOILER TAGS: Sometimes you will want to post a screenshot or pic on the forum, but don’t want to spoil the surprise for others, or else you may be asked to keep your post secret during a contest. In that case, you can use ‘spoiler tags’ so players can’t automatically see the post. Here is how to use them and a place that you can practice:

    ✔️ BACKING UP THE GAME TO A SECOND DEVICE: If you have two devices, it is a good idea to back up your game occasionally to a second device (I do it almost daily.) For IOS users, you can either do it through Game Center, or manually. Here is how you do it manually if you are an IOS user:

    - Make sure AutoSave is turned off on both devices.
    - Do a manual save on device 1.
    - Close the game on device 1.
    - Go to device 2, Settings, My Account, Cloud Save, Load.
    - Preview the village and make sure it is your newest one.
    - Say yes when you are asked if you want to accept the village.
    - The cloud save from device 1 will be now be on both devices.

    ✔️ SALES: Exclusive Offer (EO) sales, weekend sales and other special sales are announced on the forum, and there is also a topic where you can request the Exclusive Offer items be put on sale again. Here are the links:

    A constantly updated list of EOs on sale:

    Where you can request the EOs be put on sale again:

    Other sales topics, including weekend sales are put in as needed, and can be found in the ‘News about Smurfs’ Village’ section of the forum.

    ✔️ FRIENDING: Here’s a link on the forum that you can use to find or request new friends:

    ✔️ LINKS TO HELPFUL FORUM TOPICS! The following topics are especially helpful and informative.

    Common Sense Guide: If you are fairly new to Smurfs’ Village, here is a great common sense guide on how to make the most out of your game. It will answer a lot of your questions:

    How to Spend Smurfberries: Many new players ask how to spend their valuable smurfberries, and here is a topic with good advice:

    Mini-Game Odds and Prizes: A complete list of mini-game odds and prizes can be found under Settings, More, Help in the game itself, but for a quick reference you can look at this link, but be aware that it may not have the most recent info:

    Data Collection Topic: Here’s a topic with lots of info:
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      Cupcake Such a wonderful guide. Thank you for all the hard work


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        Thank you for such an informative post. I've bookmarked this one for future reference.


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          WWowoo I just came in to review and I see many new threads, such as this one! It's great I'm going to have it on hand to be my guide! thanks Cupcake


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            Thanks for this. Will use for future use.