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The Smurfs' Village Limited-Time Event! [LTE 31 May 2022]

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  • The Smurfs' Village Limited-Time Event! [LTE 31 May 2022]

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    Hello Smurf Villagers!

    Our next LTE event will run from May 31st, 6:00 PM to Jun 3rd, 4:00 AM UTC time.

    Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback for the previous events. We hear your concerns and have been working on issues behind the scenes with each event. We will be posting a more in-depth look at what we're working on with LTEs in a future forum post!

    If you have any other feedback for this event, feel free to comment down below! It's greatly appreciated.

    Note: To participate in the Limited-Time-Event, please make sure to update your game to the latest version. This version is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now.

    Once again, we look forward to hearing your feedback.

    1. What is this LTE about?
    - The new Limited-Time-Event feature will provide a community ‘Leaderboard’ where players may climb by completing a series of in-game objectives. In-game resources and unique items will be rewarded to players who reach the milestone objectives.

    2. My friends are able to participate in the event, but I’m not seeing it in my game.
    - You need to be on latest version of the game to participate in the event. If you are in the older version, please visit App/Play Store to update the game.

    3. How do I access LTE? Does it cost to participate in the event?
    - The Event will become active when the timer is up, and a tutorial will play automatically once the event is online. This event can be accessed by tapping on the Megaphone Icon on the left of the screen.
    It does not cost anything to participate.

    4. Anyone can participate in this event?
    - Everyone above Level 10 can participate in this event.

    5. Can I play with my friends as a group?
    - Players won't be able to play as a group but will be competing against each other for the placement on the Global Leaderboard and cooperating to increase the rewards everyone receives when the event ends.

    6. What are the rewards for participating?
    - In-game resources and items will be rewarded.

    7. Can I play the Event Offline?
    - Unfortunately, no. This event cannot be played offline. You must be connected to the internet to play the event and have your progress counted. If there are some connection issues you may see a warning box with the ‘LOST INTERNET CONNECTION’ message.

    8. Do I need to be logged in to the Smurf ID to play the event?
    - You don’t need to be logged in to your Smurf ID to play the event.

    9. Do I have to complete all three Objectives which are shown at the start in Smurfy Goal to unlock the first rewards?
    - You can complete any three Objectives to unlock the next node. As soon as the objective is met, it will get replaced by a new Objective. If a user completes any 3 Objectives, then one node station is unlocked, and the rewards will be given for the unlocked node station.
    The number of tasks required to be completed for unlocking the next station is mentioned on the right side of the Track 'Complete To Unlock Next'

    10. How do I claim my rewards? I tapped on the chest, and a window popped up showing the rewards. But they have not been added to my account. I did not see any claim button, and I closed it. Where did my rewards go?
    - To claim the rewards, players have to tap on the individual rewards to collect them. Even if you have closed the reward with the ‘X’ icon, it will reappear when you reopen the Smurfy Goal Tab.

    11. Can I change an Objective that I find too hard to complete?
    - There is an option to Skip Objective by using Smurfberries next to the Objective in Smurfy Goal Tab. Players will receive rewards even if they complete objectives using Smurfberries but they do have to complete 3 objectives (skipping 3 objectives using Smurfberries or partially completing using normal gameplay and then completing the remaining by Smurfberries) to unlock the next set of rewards.

    12. What are the goals in LTE?
    - Players will be completing Objectives available in Smurfy Goal Tab for Individual rewards. Village Points earned during the process will be accumulated and if the Village Goal is reached before the event ends, then everyone will receive Crate rewards that are available in the Village Goal Tab

    13. All my mini-games are on cooldown! Anything I can do to complete the Mini-Game Objective?
    - Players can practice and complete the mini-game objective (Example: Practicing in the Baker Mini-Game)

    14. I completed an objective but my rank is not updated.
    - Since the data is saved on the server, it sometimes takes a while to update on your device.

    15. I won an item and I want to place it in a different location apart from the Main Village. Can I do that?
    - When collecting any placeable reward item, players will get an option to choose the area where the item can be placed.

    16. I planted a crop while the event was live and now the event has ended and I have collected the crop. Can my points still get added to the Leaderboard?
    - You will receive the Village Points only for the crops you have harvested while the event is running. But you will still receive the XP for the crop planted.

    17. Can I play any mini-game in the objective ‘Play any mini-game X10’ or do I have to play the same one 10 times?
    - Players can play any 10 mini-games or they can also play the same mini-game 10 times to finish objectives. Mini-games can be played in any area of the map. (Baker is also considered as a mini-game and can be used to complete this quest)

    18. What are Village Points and why do I need to collect them?
    - Village Points decide the player's position on the Leaderboard. The more Village Points you collect, the higher you get placed on the Global Leaderboard. Once the Village Goal has been accomplished, everyone will receive the crate rewards. But you will get more Trophy Shards, a UNIQUE ITEM that is only for this event. The higher you stand on the Leaderboard, the more Trophy Shards you can receive, which is a Unique Item.

    19. When can we collect Crate Reward?
    - Everyone who has participated in the event can collect an unlocked Crate Reward once the event has ended. Please tap on the rewards to claim them.

    20. Help! I Cannot plant the LTE objective crops using Farmer Smurf.
    - Currently, the Smurfy objectives cannot be completed via Farmer Smurf. To complete the objectives, you have to manually plant the crops. However, any crops that aren't Smurfy objectives can be planted via Farmer Smurf.

    Trophy Update:
    Please be advised that, due to additional technical development required, Trophy Shards will not be available for the next several months. We are working towards delivering a nice system reward for you to enjoy as part of the Limited-Time-Event experience, so please stay tuned! Thank you very much for your patience.

    As always, thank you for being a part of our wonderful community and support.

    The Smurfs’ Village Team

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    Hi everyone! Please note that, though bugs are being worked on behind-the-scenes (see Cora’s intro) this LTE will not contain any major changes from the last one, and will be mostly resource oriented.


    • Ki.74
      Ki.74 commented
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      I was playing and suddenly it disappeared when there were 15 hours left! AND I DIDN’T GET MY ITEMS!

    • Cupcake
      Cupcake commented
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      Ki.74 Please read my comment and use the link in #21 below to fill out a Customer Support ticket. Tell PopReach what you lost.

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    I'm speechless that PopReach has again ignored feedback that running the LTE during Tracker's event causes serious performance problems on the Android platform.

    The only conclusion I can draw is that PopReach does not consider the Android platform a priority.

    CoraPR I am extremely disappointed and angry.

    The way this is being handled is incredibly unsmurfy.


    • Schtroumpfette
      Schtroumpfette commented
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      Thank you.

    • Cupcake
      Cupcake commented
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      Schtroumpfette CoraPR Please note that it is not only the Android platform that has conflicts because of the LTE, though Android does have some issues that are unique to it. Apple/IOS devices also have issues. The two events have tasks that conflict, therefore the issues can only be solved by having the events run separately.

    • Schtroumpfette
      Schtroumpfette commented
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      Cupcake, thanks for that info. I didn't want to speak out of turn and say it affected iOS, because I wasn't sure.

      It's more evidence to support these events happening separately and not concurrently.

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    Wow…this is amazingly bad today. My game, running on an IPad gen 7, is so unstable with this LTE today. The tasks have already changed repeatedly, the game has crashed and the server connection has now failed twice.


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      I don't know, why I still try to play this.... ????

      Click image for larger version

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        So after having to plant 70 cucumbers by hand, this is the prize for the silver crate - x1 Gold. Not worth the bother.
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        • Schtroumpfette
          Schtroumpfette commented
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          Seventy? That's ridiculous!

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        Why add a "harvest x400 blueberries" quest on an event that we can't use the "plant/harvest all crops" feature?!

        Are you aiming for an extremely boring LTE experience??


        • ChristalWest
          ChristalWest commented
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          Darkerion, I was just coming to post a similar comment…my 3 tasks right now are to “hand” plant 300 blueberries, “hand” harvest 80 (9 hour) corn, and “hand” plant 70 blackberries…it costs 20, 15, and 14 Smurfberries to skip…ridiculous. The “new” plant 300 blueberries comes after a prior (and hand-completed task) to do the exact same thing! Between the tedium and the impact on my fingers/wrist, I’m done.

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        Benchmarks on Android 12, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with 12 GB RAM and 1 TB storage.

        Earlier this evening, 6PM EDT, crop harvesting times as follows:
        1 minute 20 seconds to harvest 222 island crops

        52 seconds to harvest 171 mainland crops.

        This is unacceptable performance.


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          Has anyone else noticed an increased difficulty in this round of LTE? I'm almost through the individual prizes and still haven't even earned enough points for the bronze crate. As someone who uses LTEs to gain resources, I'm so bummed.
          Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't Avocados available 24/7 during LTEs before? I was going to plant a bunch to help me gain points, but now they only pop up as an option to plant if I have a task to plant them.


          • Schtroumpfette
            Schtroumpfette commented
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            I think the community goal is triple what it was last time at 500,000,000 vs. 150,000,000.

          • FaryalSia
            FaryalSia commented
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            It’s like they don’t want us to play! Not participating in this one. I just can’t with lame sheep prizes.

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          I hope the PopReach team do actually listen and understand the complain of the community. And please, next time you announce the event, Isn't it good to give us insight on changes you've made to the event? (Ex. The goal, the rewards, new features, balancing changes,etc.)
          Racoon (Taylor Swift fan of Smurf Village) Mahal ko kayo sana all minamahal!


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            No more feedback from me until things noted at previous events are fixed!!!!


            • Nonna
              Nonna commented
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              Exactly my opinion. Any feedback is ignored and nothing is improved.

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            Das ist kein Event, es ist eine Katastrophe.

            PopReach interessiert sich leider nicht für die Spieler und deren Feedback.

            Auch der Support ist einfach nur schlecht.

            Ich liebe meine kleinen blauen Freunde und spiele das Spiel von Anfang an. Allerdings trage ich mich ernsthaft mit dem Gedanken aufzuhören.

            Ich vermisse Bongfish.


            • Cupcake
              Cupcake commented
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              Oma Eusebia’s comment translated from German to English (Google translate):

              “This is not an event, it is a disaster.

              Unfortunately, PopReach is not interested in the players and their feedback.

              Also the support is just bad.

              I love my little blue friends and have been playing the game since the beginning. However, I am seriously considering quitting.

              I miss Bongfish.”

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            Yikes so as usual there are positives and negatives to this event. Tagging CoraPR like everyone else

            - i enjoy the random smurfberry rewards
            - the random sb items are enjoyable too, but will be repetitive if they continue to use the same ones again for the next event
            - always happy to receive resources

            - i said this last time, that while resources are appreciated we are getting a small amount of stardust, which is what I would rather have more of. I'm sure most people would agree, since stardust is the hardest resource to collect. So instead of having 500 wood and stone, maybe giving us 325 stardust would be better
            - planting over 20 crops by hand is a lot. The fact that I had one task that said plant 100 raspberries was crazy. Please either limit to 20 and under or allow us to use farmer
            - prizes being items we can buy in the store for coins makes them useless as prizes imo
            - won't go into detail with this as others have, but crashing and Android issues seem to still be prevalent, I think this is the main thing PopReach should try to fix

            Anyway, I am still enjoying this event because even though the stardust resources are small, they still help me move along my wonders, and as a player still in lower middle levels I find it invaluable. So thanks


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              LOL as I was typing this review, my LTE event seems to have crashed since the button disappeared and my avocados now say 134055 minutes/hours to finish, can you confirm Cupcake that this is an LTE bug? Or is it my village?

              Anyway exited the game and not touching it for now hoping it will go better later.


              • md432
                md432 commented
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                Okay thank you it worked and my village is safe again. Still gonna continue the event for the prizes though. But I noticed that I lost the 225 stardust prize I had collected as well as some stardust from space, Cupcake if I fill out a support ticket will they refund it?

              • Cupcake
                Cupcake commented
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                Hi, md! Send the ticket, tell PopReach what happened, and I’m pretty sure they’ll refund it. I can’t speak for them, but they seem pretty willing to make up for losses.

              • Srods
                Srods commented
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                I also had avocado crops that stated the time til harvest at a ridiculously high number that remained when the LTE was finished. I had to delete them.

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              leopardpeace802 md432 Oma Eusebia Schtroumpfette Darkerion Qoppa SpeedySmurf ChristalWest Morning Sky I urge you all to fill out Customer Support tickets as those will have the specifics of your issues and your device. You can fill out one ticket, or a ticket for each issue.

              I know that filling out tickets is not fun, but it will give PopReach a very clear idea of the scope and persistence of the problems. You can use the link above, or tap here:
              Last edited by Cupcake; 06-01-2022, 09:48 AM.