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[Contest!] Show Us Your Smurfs Making Their Favorite Movie Re-creation!

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    Definitely YES ????


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      ???????????????? Good Idea. I have enjoyed seeing people’s depictions very much.

      Sorry, this was supposed to be a comment. ????????‍♀️ ????


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        Cupcake Thank you for starting this up in ‘Chat about Smurfs’ Village’ (although I’m finding it quite difficult to access that area of the Forum, hopefully that will be sorted soon with the upgrade) - I look forward to seeing the ones we entered plus some new - I’ve just added a ‘new’ one. It’s been such fun as a contest!


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          Cupcake and to Nonna. IslandLife. Katosmurf. SpeedySmurf. and Jakomuzi. Just to let you know I have received 2x 225 stardust = 450, not the correct amount - is that the same for anyone else? I have PMd PopReach. on the winners PM thread, but just in case they don’t see it….I received 2 of these


          • Chat noir
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            Thanks Cupcake . SpeedySmurf. also only received 450…and Jakomuzi
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          • CoraPR
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            Thanks for the reports everyone! I've followed up with my team member to take a look and double-check!

          • SpeedySmurf
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            Cupcake Thats is right, I also got 2x 225. Chat noir Thank you for mentioning!

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          Cupcake. CoraPR. Nonna. IslandLife. Katosmurf. SpeedySmurf. and Jakomuzi

          I don’t think any of us would think the less of you, PopReach if when you make errors, you apologise and rectify them.

          However, I personally DO think the less of you over this latest stardust-prize-giving.

          That’s because from the start the amounts to be awarded were ill-thought-out, with no-one realising the amounts available for quick transfer wouldn’t work.

          So, when it came to sending out the promised prizes, someone just went for the easiest option, and had so little respect for us that they thought we wouldn’t notice.

          And didn’t bother to ask workmates what they had done to work around the same problem with Schtroumpfette. in the LTE. Because, as was stated, someone working there clearly knows of, and has used a work-around before.

          The issue for me is not the amount of stardust.

          It is the lack of professionalism in the treatment of your customer-base.


          • Cupcake
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            I cannot address all your concerns above, Chat Noir, but I understand that the remaining stardust has been sent.

            Chat noir Nonna IslandLife. Katosmurf SpeedySmurf Jakomuzi. I understand that additional stardust has been credited to those of who did not receive the full amount of the prize. If you have not yet received the full amount of stardust, please let me know.

          • Chat noir
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            Thanks Cupcake. I don’t want you to feel included in my criticism above - you have absolutely nothing to do with what I feel about PopReach.
            Yes, an extra 75 had arrived when I logged on about 8 hours ago…I was expecting a notification (and apology) on the winners’ PM thread, so I gave it a few hours - there hasn’t been one, so I eventually posted the above rant.
            So sad that they seem only to have sent the extra stardust because they were found out, and haven’t owned up to, and apologised for, sloppy practice
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          Before addressing this issue, I wanted to ensure that all the missing Stardust has been sent out! We have sent out all the missing Stardust, but winners, if you found you were missing, please message me directly, and I will follow up!

          What happened: because of my unfamiliarity with the gifting system in place for Smurf's Village, I was unaware that Stardust could only be gifted in specific increments. Moving forward, for future contests, Stardust rewards will reflect these particular values. I will also look into the possibility of upgrading our backend tool to accommodate sending Stardust in custom designated amounts like we are able to do with Smurfberries, but this cannot be guaranteed.

          Chat noir, thank you for making me aware of this issue! I apologize to you, as well as Nonna IslandLife Katosmurf SpeedySmurf Jakomuzi. This was a learning opportunity for me and will be avoided in the future, now that I am more familiar with how the admin tools work.

          If anyone has any questions, concerns, feedback, anything, feel free to send me a message!