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[Contest!] Show Us Your Smurfs Making Their Favorite Movie Re-creation!

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ID:	286453 Asterix at the Olympic Games

    Bigmouth in the role as Obelix
    Asterix played by Smurfy Smurf
    Caesar as himself

    and a lot of supernumerary doing sports and support their teams and lone fighters.

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ID:	286489 Happy feet the remake lol


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        What a perfect contest for my favorite movie: Stardust. Let’s see if our Smurfs can make it past the old guard and travel from Wall to Stormhold.


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          Gorillas In The Mist
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            My smurfs are preparing a remake of one of my favourite films - COCO ????☠️????
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            • Baethan
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              This is so great! I love how you included so many ideas from the movie. Wonderful re-enactment!

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            B3A68424-195E-4039-9242-89E1BC49BB98.jpeg The Dark Knight
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              Casper Click image for larger version

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                Hi everyone! The contest has ended, and thank you all for your really amazing, inventive submissions. The judges will now huddle together and decide the winners- it will be a tough decision!


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                  Bravo, bravo! Standing ovation!

                  It was so difficult to pick from all the amazing entries! Everyone's creativity blows me away every time. Please give a round of applause to your winners:

                  1st - Nonna #20
                  2nd - IslandLife #14
                  3rd - Katosmurf #50

                  Honorable Mentions:
                  Chat Noir #31
                  SpeedySmurf #32
                  Jakomuzi #46

                  Popreach Staff will be reaching out to all of you shortly by Private Message to send your prizes! You can see your Private Messages next to your name at the top of the page (usually I would post an image but the forum won't let me right now)

                  Congrats to all of the winners! And thank you to everyone who entered!


                  • SpeedySmurf
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                    Many thanks and congrats to all the winners and the other honorable mentioned !! And thanks to PopReach for announcing the winners so fast! Must have been difficult, so many fantastic entries. And many thanks to all participants, all of them were wonderful! ????????????????

                  • Katosmurf
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                    Wooohooow, thank you so much for selecting me - I‘m really looking forward to the stardust! ????✨???????? Congratulations to all winners and honorable mentions - and to all of the other fantastic entries! This was really one of my favourite contests. ????????????????????

                  • IslandLife
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                    Oh wow! Thank you so much. I spent a lot of time oohing and aaahing over the posts in this thread - so great to have the creativity/smurfivity back in this forum!

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                  Congrats to all of the winners! ????????????


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                    Congratulations to our very well deserved winners and honourable mentions! ????????????. And well done everyone who took part, there were lots of amazing entries in what was a fun contest! ????


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                      Congratulations to all of the winners
                      I loved that contest and never thought that I have a chance , because of all these perfect planned movie scenes!


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                        congratulations winners and honorable mentions! ???????????????????????????????????? i wanted to add comments but unfortunately i haven't watched most of the movies here so i didn't know how to comment them. ( yes, i've watched almost only Sci-fi movies in my life???????????? ) but every entries look fabulous and great! ????????????????????????


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                          Too bad this contest has ended, but I still have two goodies:

                          Munchhausen's Ride on the Cannon-Ball


                          To all: please do not stop showing such movie scenes.


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                            Hi Morning Sky! Please see my post below!

                          • SpeedySmurf
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                            Love both of them ????????????????????????

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                          Hi everyone- I have a question: This contest has been such fun, that I wondered if we should have a whole new ongoing topic for Smurfywood Movies. I could copy the contest and the Movie Update posts there, and we could continue to create new ones.

                          What do you think? ???? or ?????

                          Update: Well, I created the new topic but, after transferring a couple over, I’m now getting error messages, probably because PopReach is working on the forum software. I may have to wait until the forum is updated before I can do this thing, so be patient, please. I’ll announce it in an update topic and here when it is ready! ????
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                          • SpeedySmurf
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                            Good idea ????????????

                          • Nonna
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                            Love this idea ????

                          • Racoon
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                            Yes!! I will post titanic smurf!!!