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A Smurfy Guide to Bugs, Issues, Some Links & Workarounds

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    Game crashes on opening/won't open/crashes frequently.
    - First, go check the newest update topic on the forum and see if many other players are having this problem.
    - If it is not a widespread problem and you have an older device, it may be because your device is no longer able to support the game. The game has grown over the years. You can check your specific device's specification on the internet.

    PopReach has published this about crashing:

    And you can try this:
    - Put your device on airplane mode (cellular) and also turn wifi off. Then try to open the game. If the crash was caused by a conflict with what is saved on the cloud, this may help.
    - If it still crashes, please fill out a Customer Support ticket so that PopReach will know exactly the specifications of which devices are having a problem.
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      Pathway Move Mode Button disappears while playing the game (button on the lower left when in Move Mode). [Bug]
      - The function is still there, so you can either just tap where the button should be, or reboot the game, which will make it reappear.


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        Special Section! Quest Bugs, Hints and Workarounds!

        Papa's quest to place three pathways doesn't work. [Bug]
        - This is a very early quest and you must complete his quests, which are mandatory to reach other SV areas.
        - There are several suggestions in the following topic listed below, so I suggest that you read through it and try all the solutions that have worked for others, such as placing them under Papa's hut, placing them under all the huts in your village, waiting for days and then try placing them again, placing many, many until the quest clears etc. From Morning Sky :
        You have to click in the menu where Papa Smurf's head is shown and then follow the arrow. Only where the arrow points to the right and no longer down is the pathway you have to use. Also, if the head is still shown in all the other possibilities, they are all ineffective.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	5FDD2B76-D3A0-4DAF-8587-BDDAD590B9F2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.36 MB ID:	296740 Click image for larger version  Name:	64DEB356-F795-400E-9525-3D567725F481.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.17 MB ID:	296739
        Here is the link to the topic dealing with this quest issue:

        Papa's quest to watch a video cannot be completed. [Bug]
        - Papa's quest to watch a video cannot be completed in some countries and on some devices. No known workaround.

        Cannot complete Papa's "Plant 10 palm trees" quest on the island. [Bug]
        - This quest has been glitched for quite some time.
        - Palm crops are crops grown on palm trees. You plant them by tapping at the base of the palm trees on your island.
        - Workaround: The catch with this quest is that all 10 must be harvested at around the same time.
        The key for this quest is that you must harvest all 10 crops (any crop) within a few minutes of each other.
        - You have 3 choices:
        1. Plant however many trees you have, as soon as a Smurf comes to water them, harvest the crop by tapping on the tree and agreeing to "Harvest early." (You will not get any XP or coins for doing this). Repeat as much as you need to get 10 crops harvested. This is the cheapest, quickest way.
        2. Ignore the quest and expand up the cliff and across the gorge and/or down until you have 10 trees. Plant all 10 with the same crop and harvest them at once. This takes time if you expand west, or smurfberries if you expand down.
        3. Go into the store and purchase however many trees you need to have 10, then plant them all with the same crop. This will cost you berries per tree to purchase them from the store.

        Papa's move mode tutorial/quest- how to do.
        - There are two ways to move items in the game. The obvious one is to use the move button on the lower right. This is how you do what Papa is asking you to do:
        - Please your finger on any item in the game. Don't tap it, just let your finger rest there for a few seconds. Once you do that, you can pick the object up and move it.

        Papa's and Smurfette's riddles!
        - Papa wants you to plant maize: Plant corn.
        - Many foods can make me strong but give me water and I won’t live long: Place a fire as indicated in the menu.
        - A green leafy bud you can pull apart, a spiny flower with a tender heart: Plant artichokes.
        - A room with no floor and no walls, no windows and no door: Place a mushroom as indicated in the menu.
        - A crop that is dry on the outside and makes you cry. as indicated in the menu: Plant onions
        - Plant a crop that’s red, sweet and too large to eat in one bite: Plant tomatoes.
        - Plant a crop that rhymes with tease: Plant peas.
        - Papa wants you to plant seirrebpsar cigam: Plant Magic Raspberries (he has written it backward.)
        - Harvest a one word crop the rhymes with "new": Harvest Honeydew
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          On the planet, various figures, critters and robots get stuck in the upper left corner of the screen.
          - Workaround: Close the app and reopen the game.


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            Vanity in the planet won’t give a new task although the waiting period is over.
            - Workaround: Bug: Click on Vanity's hut before time runs out, which is midnight, and leave this open until after midnight, then you will get the new task.


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              Smurfette’s changing stations don’t work.
              - Sometimes when you tap a changing station to change her outfit, Smurfette enters in her usual clothes, then comes out in her usual clothes, not the new outfit.
              - Workaround: If you immediately send her into the changing station a second time, she will change to the desired outfit.


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                My Island/Planet/Mountain/Grove won’t unlock at the level it becomes available.
                Although various areas may become available at certain levels, you have to complete all of Papa’s required quests in order to actually move to the different areas. So keep doing the quests, and eventually you will be able to travel to all the areas.


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                  Wonder disappears when vacuuming and you don’t have the Wonder Storage Bag!
                  If you accidentally vacuum up or ‘store’ a Wonder and you do not have a Wonder storage bag, you cannot retrieve it. However, if you subsequently buy the storage bag (for resources) after the Wonder disappears, it will appear in the storage bag.