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[Contest] Share a smurfy screenshot of your village area featuring a "Summer Party!" Winners Announced!!!

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  • Schlumpfin

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  • Schlumpfin
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    ???????????????????????????? is so funny

  • Schlumpfin
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    ???????????????????????????? wonderfull

  • Phantom3k
    Smurf Wellness Research. Smurf ID: 7631v3

    Click image for larger version

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Size:	613.2 KB
ID:	261020
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  • asmurf
    Papasmurf and Brainy are here now...the party can start???????????????????? Click image for larger version

Name:	C5B9E10E-72D3-4E2B-A613-C7E1CC3732E7.jpeg
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ID:	261018

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  • asmurf
    Click image for larger version

Name:	062649B6-E2A7-4E80-BFA6-A4D496FE5D43.jpeg
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ID:	261016 Everysmurf is now arriving

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  • cosmickitten
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    Brilliant as always Yosi! ????❤️

  • asmurf
    My smurfs are just setting up for their garden party.
    The benches are being built and the pots stirred....this is going to be a great ???? Click image for larger version

Name:	26B367CD-CF3A-4D3B-884A-63A7D58F0644.jpeg
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Size:	267.9 KB
ID:	261012

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  • yosinori saitou
    here's my summer party area in the island area. music, dance, a lot of foods, games, everything is there for a happy summer party???????????? Smurfs are having great fun under the tropical sun! ????????????????????????????????????☀️☀️☀️

    thanks Cupcake for setting up a contest! ????????????

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  • [Contest] Share a smurfy screenshot of your village area featuring a "Summer Party!" Winners Announced!!!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	90C73BCF-99A7-4528-80FE-3E3E53F55880.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	321.6 KB ID:	261006

    It is summertime in Smurfs’ Village, and the Smurfs want everyone to join the fun!

    How to Enter:

    Take an in-game screenshot of your village area featuring a "Summer Party" theme and share it here in a reply to this topic!

    ???? Rules and Guidelines????

    - Screenshots can be of any area. Do not post someone else's village or it will not be counted.
    - Screenshots must not be manipulated or edited with imaging software such as Photoshop.
    - Enter as many times as you like, but each community member can only be chosen as a winner once and may only receive one prize.
    - Duplicate accounts are a violation of Community Rules and Guidelines.
    - Submit your entries as a comment to this topic only. Entries submitted elsewhere such as in another post will not be counted.
    - Please try and use the best quality image that you can.
    - If someone is having difficulties in submitting their entry, please offer to help them.
    - Submissions must be received by 15th July 2020 MIDNIGHT PDT. Winners will be announced shortly thereafter.
    - Winners must provide their own Smurf ID/Support ID to claim their prize. Prizes cannot be passed to or be claimed by someone else.

    ????Prizes and Winners????

    Three winners will be chosen based on the Smurfiness of their submissions.
    - First prize will win 500 Smurfberries
    - Second prize will win 400 Smurfberries
    - Third Prize will win 300 Smurfberries
    - There will also be 3 honorable mentions that win 100 Smurfberries each
    - An individual community member can only win once and receive one prize despite multiple entries.

    ????Additional Guidelines????

    - Make sure to check your Private Messages here on the Forum and your email after the contest to see if you’ve won.
    -Never share your Support ID or other personal information on this forum, on Facebook, or with other players. PopReach Employees will contact you by email if we need your Support ID to award your prize.

    Summer Party Screenshot Contest
    Winners Announced!!!

    Thanks to everyone for your fabulous entries, and congratulations to all the winners!

    1st prize of 500 SBs to Chat noir, post #26!
    2nd prize of 400 SBs to 8rownSugar37, post #39!
    3rd prize of 300 SBs to yosinori saitou, post #2

    Honorable mention and prizes of 100 SBs each go to:
    - SmurfySan post #34
    - Trosa post #44
    - asmurf post #5
    - SmuryFanGal21 post #23
    - ChiefClover post #33

    PopReach will be contacting you directly to arrange delivery of your Smurfberries!
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