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Let us know which new Special Smurfs we should add next to Smurfs' Village!

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    Bongfish should definitely put up a poll to see which smurfs should be added next!


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      I still have alot to get yet!!!


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        I was able to celebrate a milestone this weekend, I finally got all the smurfs on my ipad. Still need a bunch on my ipod but it is fun to have them all.

        Just be patient and it’ll happen. Only took me 3 years or so....and recently a lot of extra missions and traveler videos.


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          Running with skydiver118 's idea of adding Robin Smurf to the grove:

          Could we have him in the grove with a mini game? An archery mini game? If you give him a different hut or no hut at all but make him come with a tree hide out or something he will look different enough from the EO one and if he had a game, he would totally be worth it anyway!

          Edit: I completely missed this thread when it was originally posted. I apologise to everyone for swamping your notifications with likes and comments of stuff you said nine months ago.
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