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Important Announcement: Status update regarding the ongoing issues still affecting Smurfs' Village

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  • Important Announcement: Status update regarding the ongoing issues still affecting Smurfs' Village

    Hello everyone. Below is a message that the developers have asked me to share with all of you:

    Since the transition began, stabilizing the game and issuing Hot Fixes whenever possible has been our topmost priority. Our ultimate goal has been and will continue to be the Smurfiest gameplay experience possible. As we move forward and continue to Smurf out problematic bugs, we would like to take a moment and update you on those stubborn ones that persist.

    Given the nature of some of these longstanding problems (missing Rafts, Smurf totals increasing, inability to gift friends, cloud backup, etc.), we know they will require additional time and effort to investigate and resolve. Despite this, we remain steadfast and committed to solving and fixing these as soon as we can!

    Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support.


    The Flashman and Bongfish Teams

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    Thanks Bongfish ????


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      Wonderful feedback. Thanks!


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        Succeed or fail, at least you guys are trying. Thank you for that.

        I'm sure for as many years some of these glitches have existed for they may be buried deep in the code and, by not, changing that code may fritz up other code.

        Trying and maybe failing or maybe succeeding is better than ignoring


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          Thank you for trying! It's great to hear that you don't just ignore those problems but tackle them. I understand it'll take time because a lot of those bugs are really old and I'm sure finding the problem is difficult. Good luck and thank you for your hard work!


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            If I may suggest Bongfish can try contacting Beeline for "Smurfs total keep increasing on its own". Beeline managed to fix this in the past but somehow it came back. Perhaps they could give you some hints.

            Thank you anyways for this information. Good luck!


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              Thank you Bongfish Team for keeping the lines of communication open. I know the list was not meant to be exhaustive but I really hope the Level 88 bug is near the top of list for fixing. We truly appreciate all your efforts to make our game play bug ???? free ????.


              • Ginger
                Ginger commented
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                Yes ... I just got to Level 80 and I'm almost afraid to get to Level 88.

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              I just updated this morning to IOS valentine update & timer in Village is off again. Planted 5 hour crops & 5pm & now they won't be done for 7 hours?


              • Pachemz
                Pachemz commented
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                I have a weird crop timer issue too.

              • Evanna
                Evanna commented
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                My MV is affected as well. (Not always though.)

              • PirateCassandra
                PirateCassandra commented
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                My crops in the Village are the only ones that have gone whacky on the crop timer.

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              Thank you! ❤


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                Please fix the problem on the planet where the last area cant be cleared without using smurfberries. I have had to restart smurf village many times through no fault of mine ( no reliable backup on android)and have always been able to clear the last area on the planet without having to buy more swoofs using smurf berries. Please bongfish can you fix this. Thanks


                • Spelling Bee
                  Spelling Bee commented
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                  asmurf Bongfish is very aware of this and is looking to see if anything can be done. Vintoxi has even made a few comments in the preexisting Problem topic. You can find them here:

                • debbles smurf
                  debbles smurf commented
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                  There was an update ages that should have enabled players to clear that area. I managed to clear the area