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Which past Exclusive Offer Bonus items would you like PopReach to put on sale again?

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  • Which past Exclusive Offer Bonus items would you like PopReach to put on sale again?

    Hi everyone! Please use this topic as a place to list out which past Bonus items you would like to be offered again.

    (Please list only the items that were included as a bonus item for purchasing past Exclusive Offers. Items that were on sale for a limited time and could be purchased with Smurfberries do not count. Thank you.)

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    Please offer the Smurf Dragon costume again and some of the very popular older offering. One of the reasons I love that costume is that the dragon moves all around. Some of the offers are cute but do very little. The space car is very cute and moves all around the planet. Animals that roam would be wonderful too.


    • DebBen2011
      DebBen2011 commented
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      This one popped up for me this morning CindySmurf. Hopefully you'll get the same offer.

  • #3
    A smurfcopter pleeeeeeease


    • #4
      I'd love to see the love birds. The Arcade game too please


      • #5
        Please repeat the snail stable and the ice skating rink. I'm so sad to have missed both :-(


        • Guinea Girl
          Guinea Girl commented
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          Please offer the Snail Stable for Smurfberries. I'm not able to pay real money but am willing to save up SB for the stable I like so much

        • Cheryl Dziergas
          Cheryl Dziergas commented
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          You can get these in the rarity shop for 1.99

      • #6
        Still need the smurfcopter for the King! And missed out on ice skating rank as well


        • #7
          My smurfcopter landing pad near the King's castle is ready as well.


          • #8
            Isn't it funny I have most of the things you all want and I'll bet you have that dragon costume! I've seen it running around several villages I gift.


            • #9
              The dragon costume is one I've been hanging out for for months. Hopefully it'll come again soon. At the very latest with Chinese New Year.


              • #10
                I missed the arctic fox for the low price. Please repeat it.


                • cosmickitten
                  cosmickitten commented
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                  Article Fox for me too.

                • kimette
                  kimette commented
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                  1 more vote for the Arctic Fox Offer (SMALL PACK)

              • #11
                I would love to see the dragon make an encore showing with a Planet Swoof color variation!!


                • Purple!
                  Purple! commented
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                  Jamie this is an excellent suggestion! I think it needs to be listed on the suggested items area! Love the idea of a Swoof planet dragon costume!

                • Jamie_B
                  Jamie_B commented
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                  You got it Purple...I added a topic under the idea section.

                • suetopia
                  suetopia commented
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                  What an awesome idea! Love it!

              • #12
                The Smurf Arcade Machine - my device didn't receive this offer!


                • SandiSmurf
                  SandiSmurf commented
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                  I didnt get this one either!

              • #13
                I would like to see the critter/snail storage for the mountain again, as well as the helicopter. Also it would be cool if the offer for the play castle could come around again.
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                • #14
                  I need the dragon costume for the main village and the green dragon for the mountain, please.

                  P.S.: And were there other dinosaurs except the pink Baby Triceratops? I need more dinosaurs.


                  • Spelling Bee
                    Spelling Bee commented
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                    Hi Tenny. Yes, there was a Purple and Green Stegosaurus Exclusive Offer that was available back in iOS version 1.4.6.

                • #15
                  I have a few I would love to see again: 1) Clockwork Smurf in the Main Village 2) Basketball Game 3) 'Tower' Ride


                  • MK Arellano
                    MK Arellano commented
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                    clockwork in the village ! yay ^-^

                  • Morning Sky
                    Morning Sky commented
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                    Yes, please, Clockwork Smurf in the Main Village! We are waiting for years now!