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Communication problem with Support team

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  • Communication problem with Support team

    I have opened a ticket in support but they’re not reading my problem. Ie placed wrong Pirate hut on purchase, it placed another Pirate Smurf. Please delete the 2nd I have no need. I cannot delete this myself.
    - response, they cannot delete a wonder but I’m to continue to build
    tried again
    - we have sent you 20 smurfberries
    no need, already refunded 30. Again
    - We have placed the pirate hut in your main village
    again…it’s getting frustrating they are not reading the original query.

    is anyone else having the same problem? I wouldn’t mind if they respond don’t know, not possible. Is there a specific person you know in support that’s reeeeally good that can help?


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    Hi Lucy! So sorry that you are having this problem. I moved your topic here because this is specifically for those issues.

    Please give me your ticket number by private message, along with a screenshot of your original ticket, and I’ll alert them to the issue!

    As a note, I’m not sure that they can delete the second hut. When did they place it? Can you recover back to a time before they placed it?
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      Hi Cupcake,

      good news, they responded! You’re right they can’t delete the duplicate hut sadly
      thanks again for helping ☺️


      • Cupcake
        Cupcake commented
        Editing a comment
        You are welcome, Lucy! [Don’t forget, when you are having a conversation with someone, just tap “Comment” directly under who you want to respond to.?]