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Need Help Getting Items and Money Back

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  • Need Help Getting Items and Money Back

    Thank you for your kind words and helpful tips. I only started new thread topic as the others in the same areas of concerns were over a year old. Also, where would you suggest I post, and receive attention to higher priority matter, such as the bug issues from the last five moths costing myself many items to be lost, as well as high cost out of pocket and thousand of berries, and not resolved with email contact.

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    I moved this post to the appropriate area, Lucky, as it was off-topic for Exclusive Offers!

    Please Private Message me with the nature of the bugs and, if you have already contacted Customer Support, you can give me your ticket numbers and I will raise the matters to them.

    Another hint, if you want to answer someone (like me, here) you just tap “Comment” on my post (or your own post) and add the @ symbol in front of the person’s forum name- that way a conversation stays all together!
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