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  • Glitch on latest update

    So I'm trying to figure out what's going to happen with my issue?I have submitted 3 tickets. .On the latest update the game glitched and end result I was pushed back a level I lost completed wonders and exclusive offers.,,Multiple items i won on the 60 berry Mystery box and on the mini games..Yet I am proving with receipts of the only thing I'm asking to get back which is nothing compared to what I lost..Im just asking back 4 items which i have receipts from google store in which i lost.. Im being toyed with nobody's wants to help me,I even have emails going back and forth and ignored and lied to..SO WHO ELSE IS IN CHARGE OF COMPLAINTS WHEN SUPPORT ISNT HELPING?This is wrong.This can happen to any1 playing.Ive been playing Smurfs Village for 10 yrs and have put ALOT OF REAL MONEY IN ALL MY WORLDS.. I purchase things on a regular..Yet Dmurfs Village support is totally not helping..Why?

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    I moved this here so maybe Customer Support will see it. As far as I know, there is only Customer Support and there is no one beyond that. I know they are terrifically busy, but I also realize that doesn’t help you.

    I suggest submitting one more ticket. Tell them simply that you had to recover a previous version of your game because of corruption and that you need four purchases replaced; list the purchases and attach receipts. Don’t put in anything extra. Sometimes it helps to just terms that they are familiar with.