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Lol hey is there a way to get help resolving a support issue when support keeps getting it wrong for like a month and a half.

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  • Lol hey is there a way to get help resolving a support issue when support keeps getting it wrong for like a month and a half.

    Hey guys just checking. But is there another venue to seek support in resolving a support issue?

    For a month and a half now I have been communicating with support trying to get my new game on new device credited for my past purchases and my VIP status for life restored, after loss of game on old device. I have been with this game nearly since the beginning. And have had to go through this process before after losses.

    It has never been this much of an ordeal. I don't even get upset nor even frustrated anymore. Lol. Instead it's always interesting to see what wrong answer or wrong solution to a question or issue I haven't even asked about that I will get. And there have been a lot of them. They have offered solutions for things and issues I didn't even ask about. Instead I now just sit back and take in the show with little hope of getting this resolved. Which is so very odd because this is a fairly easy straightforward issue to fix. What has happened to support? I know they are going through a lot right now. But this is an easy issue. And there is no reason for all of the wrong answers. Today I got an email saying they leveled my game up. Lol. Which one, has nothing to do with my issue and not what was asked for help with. Two, didn't even work or happen. Lol.

    Are we safe to make purchases with this game any further if this is what we are faced with in dealing with support? Are our investment safe and sound with this game? I question this right now.

    So I am asking are there any other avenues to seek issue resolution with our purchases?

    Hey but that all being said this is STILL the absolutely best game. And it has come to mean a great deal to me. And I so greatly appreciate it. Just gotta work out these crazy support kinks. Normal delays I can get. Lol. But a multitude of wrong answers. There's no sense in that.

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    There is no other avenue that I know off other than the one you’ve taken. You might take your whole comment and paste it into yet another ticket for Customer Support!


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      I bought 350 smurfberries and haven't yet received them


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        Please fill out a Customer Support ticket if you have not done so already. You can do by clicking the Support button on the upper part of the screen. This is the link: