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  • On 12/16/2016 Ginger opened 6 boxes: Teacup Waltzer, Bubble Machine, Happy Hippos, Hot Air Balloon, Woodstock Rocker and Blue Lava Lamp


    • On 12/16 I got a Woodstock Rocker and Yeah! A Little white Tree!


      • Sir WaitNPumpkin
        Sir WaitNPumpkin commented
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        I think my cologne functions as little white tree repellent. I'm happy for those that have them.

      • ern57
        ern57 commented
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        Well Sir Scott I am jealous. lol Congrats Pam on the LWT. ????

      • the cat next door
        the cat next door commented
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        Congratulations Pam!

    • On 12/16, Tweets opened 1 box - House of Horrors


      • On the fourth day of Christmas my PMBs gave to me:


        Green Lava Lamp

        Teacup Waltzer

        Red Lava Lamp

        ...and another Steel Trash Can (because apparently Oscar needs his space)


        • Ginger
          Ginger commented
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          Hey Mom ... you have the most mysterious Fair that Opie deals with. You had 45 boxes, opened 5, and should have 40 left ........ but, lo and behold, there are 41 boxes sitting at your Fair. I kid you not. I'm just going to assume the server needs to catch up again, unless you tell me you found another one...........

          Edited: I take it back............Ric also has an extra box today..........I had forgotten that both of you guys had these mysterious appearance previously.
          Last edited by Ginger; 12-16-2016, 11:10 AM.

        • Snoopy Mom
          Snoopy Mom commented
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          Has to be the server. I have not added any extras. Pinky swear!

        • Ginger
          Ginger commented
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          Oooooohhhhh .... I haven't heard pinky swear in years! Love it!!! Makes me feel young again!

      • 12/16 --
        Woodstock land, miniature smokehouse, Woodstock well, cupcake stall, maypole, yo yos stall

        and a promise for ZERO coins tomorrow.


        • the cat next door
          the cat next door commented
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          This too shall pass! I've been on zero coins for about four days, like Snoopy Mom said, and today I got 2 million something. It's just a strange cycle. Don't know why it started, since I doubt Beeline cares how many coins we get daily anymore.

      • On 12/16 my PMBs yielded a Fresh Bread Stall, a Spooky Tree and a Sun Dial.


        • Ginger
          Ginger commented
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          Hey Ric ....... I'm counting 25 boxes in your Fair when there should be 24, but don't worry about it. Mom's count is off again, today, also. We'll never understand it..............

          This is the kind of mystery we like .... extra boxes .... rather than culprits trying to get into, destroy or steal our boxes.

        • 2Poodles (Ricoroo)
          2Poodles (Ricoroo) commented
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          When I open boxes, I pause to check the name after opening each one. Could it be that you visited my fair while I was checking for the name of the Spooky Tree, but before I opened the Sun Dial?

        • Ginger
          Ginger commented
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          Good guess ......... but not a possibility. Officer Opinabox doesn't go into your fair to check up on your number of boxes until after you have reported here on the Forum. I'm thinking that the game is designed to sync at certain intervals, and the further away you are, the longer that sync has to take place with your "friend". Like if you live in Germany or Australia, it takes longer for the opened boxes to show up as opened boxes here at my end in Louisiana, USA. So, maybe it sync after 2 boxes are opened and not before the 3rd. However; right now, this minute, I'm still showing 25 boxes in your Fair...........maybe we have a hacker playing jokes??? Nah!!!

      • Message from Officer Opinabox 12/16/2016

        We hit our first 5 item repeat … Actually two of them --- Woodstock Rocker and Woodstock Tree

        Update on Ambrose: His medications were lowered enough yesterday that he was able to take a stroll through the Clinic gardens with Dr. Mayda Smellies. He was wearing a pair of the prescribed glasses. On three different occasions during the walk, staff of the clinic walked through wearing purple shirts or slacks or sweaters and greeted the couple. Ambrose didn’t bat an eye or show any signs of anxiety at all.
        Plans are to transport him back to the northern clinic in another 2 or 3 days if this progress continues.
        ************************************************** *******************************

        Ah Piggy (black) A-3 (26 opened 4 = 22) Spooky Tree, Water Feature, Stanley’s Dinosaur and Tori’s Cat

        Biddy (lavender) D-2 (27 opened 3 = 24) Teacup Waltzer, Freefall and White Tiger

        Cat (yellow) B-4 (45 opened 5 = 40) Candy Cupcakes, Macaroon Stall, Miniature Sweet Trees, Honey and Stanley’s Dinosaur

        Cookie (Red) D-1\2 (18 opened 2 = 16) Woodstock Rocker and Little White Tree

        E=Z (purple) E-4 (3) Starts opening on 12/22

        Ern (light green) C-2 (16 opened 1 = 15) Merry-Go-Round

        Ginger (aqua) E-5 (57 opened 6 = 51) Teacup Waltzer, Bubble Machine, Happy Hippos, Hot Air Balloon, Woodstock Roker and Blue Lava Lamp

        Inga (dark green) C-2 (9 opened 1 = 8) Macaroon Stall

        Janie (burgundy) C-2 (57 opened 6 = 51 (50?) Liberty Bell, Shoe Stall, Kimberley’s Ladybug, Winter Wonderland, Kite Flyer and Woodstock Tree

        Karen (hot pink) B-2 (54 opened 6 = 48) Woodstock Land, Miniature Smokehouse, Woodstock Well, Candy Cupcakes, Maypole and Yo Yo’s

        Lil’ P (light pink) C\D-5 (2) Starts opening on 12/23

        Mom (brown) C\D2+B2 (45 opened 5 = 40) Pony, Green Lava Lamp, Red Lava Lamp, Teacup Waltzer and Steel Trash Can

        Ric (neon green) C-3 (27 opened 3 = 24) Fresh Bread Stall, Spooky Tree and Sun Dial

        Scott (blue) B-4 (38 opened 3 12/15 and 4 12/16 = 31) 12/15 Midnight Express, Ferris Wheel and Treasure Chest --- 12/16 Love Teddy Bear, Freefall, Fun Boats and Cat on a Ball

        Snoopy Fan (white) C-5 (5) Starts opening on 12/20

        Tweets (orange) D1+C2 (9 opened 1 = 8) House of Horrors

        Steve (To You) (light blue) C-3 (10 opened 2 = 8) Bubble Machine and Miniature Candy Lodge
        Last edited by Ginger; 12-16-2016, 11:37 AM.


        • Compilation Tally – 12/16/2016
          Opened Boxes – 135 + 52 = 187

          Angora Rabbit - 1
          Archery Stall - 3
          Blue Lava Lamp – 3
          Bubble Machine - 2
          Candy Cupcakes - 3
          Cat on a Ball - 2
          Cheerleaders Stall – 1
          Christmas Cheer Deck - 1
          Comic Stand - 1
          Daisy Seller – 3
          Desert Island - 1
          Devilstock – 1
          DJ Woodstock - 1
          Disco Ball - 1
          Disco Spotlight - 1
          Easter Bunny Hill – 1
          Easter Sweetheart - 1
          Easter Sweetie – 3
          Emu - 1
          Ferris Wheel – 3
          Freefall - 2
          Flying Ace Whirligig - 1
          Fountain - 1
          Fresh Bread Stall - 3
          Fun Boats – 3
          Garden Trash Can – 1
          Green Lava Lamp - 1
          Halloween Ghost – 1
          Happy Hippos - 1
          Heart Lantern - 1
          High Dive – 2
          Honey (Poodle) - 1
          Honey Market – 2
          Hot Air Balloon – 2
          Hot Potato Stall – 1
          House of Horrors - 1
          Inflatable Waving Man - 1
          Instrument Shop – 1
          Joust – 2
          Kimberley’s Ladybug – 1
          Kite Flyer - 1
          Kissing Booth Girl - 1
          Liberty Bell – 2
          Lionstock - 2
          Little White Tree - 3
          Love Teddy Bear – 3
          Macaroon Stall - 2
          Mailman – 1
          Majorette - 1
          Mask Shop – 1
          Matryoshka Stall – 2
          Maypole - 1
          Medieval Cook Fire – 1
          Merry-Go-Round - 1
          Midnight Express - 1
          Mime Artist – 2
          Miniature Candy Lodge - 1
          Miniature Forest - 1
          Miniature Music Hall – 1
          Miniature Smokehouse - 1
          Miniature Sweet Trees - 2
          Mini Pyramids – 1
          Mini Sagrada Familia - 2
          Mini Taj Mahal – 3
          Mom Statue – 1
          Moon Woodstock - 1
          Music Box - 1
          Neon Reindeer – 1
          Night Gazebo – 1
          Olaf’s Cookie Stall - 1
          Orangutan - 1
          Orchid Seller - 1
          Owen’s Hot Car – 1
          Photographer - 1
          Plasma Ball – 2
          Pony - 1
          Purple Mystery Box – 1
          Quarterbeagle - 1
          Record Stall – 1
          Red Lava Lamp - 1
          Roasted Chicken Stall - 2
          Rodeo Bull – 2
          Rollercoaster – 2
          Sarcophagus - 1
          Sasha (Poodle) - 1
          Satellite – 1
          See-Saw - 3
          Shaved Ice Stall – 1
          Shoe Stall - 1
          Signal – 3
          Slide - 1
          Sloth – 1
          Spooky Tree - 2
          Stanley’s Dinosaur - 3
          Steel Trash Can – 2
          Stilt Walker – 1
          Sun Dial - 1
          Swingboat – 1
          Teacup Waltzer - 4
          Teddy Bear – 2
          Tombstone - 1
          Tori’s Cat – 2
          Toy Soldier - 2
          Trading Card Stall – 1
          Treasure Chest - 1
          Trickster – 1
          Water Feature – 4
          White Tiger - 3
          Windsock - 2
          Winter Wonderland – 3
          Woodstock Clock Tower – 1
          Woodstock Land - 2
          Woodstock Rocker – 5
          Woodstock Tree – 5
          Woodstock Well – 1
          Yo Yo’s - 1
          Last edited by Ginger; 12-16-2016, 11:29 AM.


          • 17th December

            garden trash can
            miniature candy house
            Last edited by Biddymcfinnis (Maureen); 12-16-2016, 03:45 PM. Reason: I double-checked the name of the miniature candy house to be sure I had it correct


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            • Aha .... Here's Biddy again, starting us off on another round!


              • Biddymcfinnis (Maureen)
                Biddymcfinnis (Maureen) commented
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                It seems weird, eh? Time differences in our world.
                What else is weird 'down under' is that everyone seems to focus on snow stuff and northern hemisphere winter pictures and we are in summer! I like "traditional" Christmas ideas, particularly from the European tradition but the monopoly focuses on Santa and bright red (which I learned was actually initiated by CocaCola to promote their branding colour). I'll try to post a pic of my Christmas teddy bear - the first bear I made - as he always makes me smile. I'll have to try to remember how to post pics.

              • the cat next door
                the cat next door commented
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                I think about your summer Christmas sometimes Maureen. I've never even been to our own southern states in winter time to see a "green Christmas" let alone one in actual summer and not winter. It must be kind of strange for you to have snowy decorations around when that definitely is not what your Christmas looks like! Kind of like having snowman decorations out here in July. I just got some info on Australia's seasons and some beautiful pictures of snowy New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania. Including a wombat in the snow. I briefly dated someone from Australia years ago (loved his accent!) and he told me koalas aren't actually the cute warm fuzzy animals people think they are but wombats are pretty cool. He also told me if I ever go there not to say people sound British!

            • ??? Couldn't delete what I tried to post!! (It didn't work!)


              • Nope! How do I delete a try that didn't work?


                • Ginger
                  Ginger commented
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                  I've recently been told that the delete has been removed. So, the next best thing is to use the edit selection and just say something different like......"Have a Nice Day".

                  Meanwhile, I sent you a PM and offered to post the picture for you!

              • My Christmas Bear

                I think he's a bit yellow from the flash, tho.

                Last edited by Biddymcfinnis (Maureen); 12-17-2016, 02:47 AM.


                • Biddymcfinnis (Maureen)
                  Biddymcfinnis (Maureen) commented
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                  He was my first and my middle daughter gave him to me as a kit. He's 30cm tall (12") and all the others I've made are smaller, including a tiny 11cm (4.5") one out of mink. I sew them by hand. Now I've worked out the photo posting bit I shall have to show some more. It appears the photobucket iPad app is corrupt so need to post from my Mac. It reminds me that I have a bear unfinished and should put him on my list of UFOs to complete!!

                • SnoopyFan
                  SnoopyFan commented
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                  Awesome Teddy Bear! Your comment about celebrating Christmas were interesting -- sounds pretty much like how us SFF folk in Florida celebrate it! When I lived up north in Michigan, the emphasis on decorating houses was mostly lights on trees and the house and a wreath. I've noticed in Florida there are a lot more -- not sure what you call them -- "air characters" on the lawns -- like the stupid wavy man you always get from the gold boxes...

                • the cat next door
                  the cat next door commented
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                  He's absolutely beautiful Maureen! When I was expecting my son I decided the room would be in a panda bear theme (can't remember why) and made a 24" panda. I've sewn my whole life and made all my sons clothes for a few years but working with that plush/fur was so aggravating I never made another one! You have a real knack for it and that bear is precious.

              • Wait for it . . .