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  • Well I guess Halloween is an appropriate time to end, since the game icon has been in Halloween theme for what, a couple of years now?! I’m going to continue playing once a day and probably decorate in the game for Christmas cus I just love doing that. My iPad 2 is only used for SSF and Hello Kitty....which oddly enough Sanrio is pulling the plug on on Halloween! The game stays, just no daily bonus, no visiting, no gifting...same as SSF. Maybe October is pull the plug month! HK isn’t anywhere near as interactive or detailed and I’ll probably be done with it Wednesday. I just played forever because I had steady friends gifting there too.

    I have 37 PMBs in storage and I think around 20 in my Christmas section. Think I’ll open a few from storage on Halloween and leave the others where they are. Since my trusty iPad will still be here I think I’ll open a PMB for each of you on Christmas and remember all the fun and friendship that we had on the forums and in the game. I’m still hoping for another LWT!

    If anyone ever finds a good Peanuts game, come back here and post it so we can all go try it out. I think this thread will stay as long as SV is alive and well.

    Oh, if you get a chance come and post what you got in your PMBs for the last time.


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      • Just hit Level 399 yesterday. I'm going to play until I hit 400 and spend my remaining SD!

        i opened 5 PMB this morning:
        hot air balloon
        Mini sagrada familia
        tree sloth
        matryoshka dolls
        mini smokehouse

        I think I'm going to wait until I level up to open the majority of my remaining boxes. Or maybe I'll open a couple a day and then the rest at the big 400.


        • I opened 5 today too. I got:

          the little ghost (very fitting!)
          birthday boy
          little boar
          comic book stand
          brown windmill

          I’m halfway through level 384. 400 might be a good place to stop, and maybe it will be around Christmas when I get there!
          Snoopy Mom was over 500 I think. I miss the friends page! Wish they had just left it even if we couldn’t visit, I liked seeing the names and where everyone was. I would’ve taken a screen shot if I had known it would be unavailable at some point.


          • My final 5 PMBs:

            Candy Balloon
            Fungi Stump
            Macaroon Stall
            Fairy Princess
            Stanley's Dinosaur

            I was quite surprised to get a second fungi stump tonight. 6 years of playing, and I never got one until just a couple months ago, and now a second one. Go figure...

            Cat, yes, I am currently at Level 535. I will probably still play for a bit until we replace my iPad, but wanted to open up my PMBs and plant the rest of my tree seeds (still have 10 more) to kind of wrap things up. (Kind of a "use it or lose it" notion.). I still have over 500 SDs. Not much of use I can do with those now that we cannot visit friends' fairs.

            Kay! So exciting that you crossed the 400 threshhold! Congrats!!


            • Ginger
              Ginger commented
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              Oh, wow ... Another fungi stump!!!!!

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            • It snows let's play! Click image for larger version

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              • Shirin
                Shirin commented
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                Good area to ski. Second picture is very realistic.

            • Snoopy Mom -- I hear you on the "Use it or Lose it" feeling. There are some things I have always wanted but never purchased -- like the bowling alley... For so long I have been concerned about XPs and harvesting schedules. It seems so..... frivolous to spend these SD on low coin/XP things.

              On another note, I need to take some screenshots of my fair or a video tour.

              So here are my 5 PMBs for today:

              Oh and for fun if anyone wants to play along, post any ridiculous quantity of things in your inventory.
              1046 Inflatable waving men
              859 Bubble Machines (+ at least 50 more in my fair)
              1059 Rodeo Bulls
              92 gnomes
              84 greenhouses
              78 gazebos

              I think those are the big offenders for me.


              • the cat next door
                the cat next door commented
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                I really like Devilstock and won’t mind if I get a few more to roam around my fair. I’m off to work right now but I’ll check my inventory later to find my biggest “not ANOTHER one!” Items.

                I like the video tour idea Karen! After all the hours and years and thought (not to mention money!) that we put into our fairs, a video tour would be fun to look at now and then. Everyone’s game is pretty amazing.

            • Tonight’s 5 PMBs:
              Roasted Chicken Stall
              Tropical Juice Stall
              Olaf’s Cookie Stall
              I Love U Teddy Bear
              Space Shop

              At the moment I have:
              670 Kiddie Pools
              555 Rodeo Bulls
              547 Inflatable Men
              505 Bubble Machines
              38 Gnomes (and dozens more in my fair)
              23 Mail Boxes
              So you’ve got me beat in the “What’s Taking Up Space in Your Storage” contest!


              • I’m decorating my Fair for Thanksgiving and I’m all out of maple trees! Are mystery tree seeds in bronze or silver boxes?

                I was at 5 days when they pulled the plug so every morning it tries to go get my 5 SDs. ????


                • Dotandash
                  Dotandash commented
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                  I’m very late in joining your forum but still love Snoopy Street Fair and will keep playing till it corrupts completely, went up to level 160 yesterday and got 2 snoopy dollars, so guess that’ll be the only way if earning dollars now or maybe in a gold box. And my 5 dollar bonus keeps flashing up each day but uncollectable.

              • Mystery seeds are in bronze boxes. The character topiaries are in silver.

                670 kiddie pools?!? I haven't been "lucky" enough to get a bunch of those.

                i forgot to open 5 PMBs yesterday!
                Kimberley's ladybug
                comic stand
                tropical juice bar
                pinwheel stall

                today's set (only 4)
                Heart lantern
                Mini mont st Michel


                • the cat next door
                  the cat next door commented
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                  Thanks Karen I’m going to go get some bronze boxes! I was really surprised at the kiddie pool number too!

              • Ack! 5 bronze boxes, 4 blue benches and a yellow chair. The game must think it’s summer here.

                I only opened 3 PMBs:
                Garden Swing
                Plushie Bunny
                Another I ❤️ U bear


                • I hadn't logged on for a few days, so didn't see that folks were opening their purple boxes 5 at a time. I watched my game trying in vain to give me my 5 SD bonus every day & thought that if my game got corrupted I'd quite possibly never be able to get into it again! That did it. I opened all 27 PMBs last night. Here's my list:

                  Dancing bunnies
                  Rose apple stall
                  Bird feeding table
                  Night gazebo -2
                  Roast chicken machine
                  Blue lava lamp
                  Snoopy rocker
                  Plushie stall
                  Apollo lander
                  Woodstock rocker
                  Fresh bread stall
                  Music box
                  Instrument shop
                  High dive
                  Easter egg shop -my most coveted item at last! Too bad my game may well be extinct by Easter.
                  Stanley’s dinosaur
                  Mini Sagrada Familia

                  I'll take a look at my stored items next time I open the game to see what's stored in huge quantities.


                  • Ginger
                    Ginger commented
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                    Hey Ric ... So nice to see what you got and glad you finally got a most coveted item. Congratulations!!!

                • Last night I went into my SSF garden, which I haven’t done in forever! Actually I forget it’s even there. I had also forgotten how cute it is, with all the animals and the adorable Thanksgiving Woodstocks. I wish they had made those available in the main fair too, don’t know why they never did. We all put so much time and thought into this game! I still find it amazing, how complicated it was to get everything to work together and how much detail Beeline put into it. And no, I haven’t found any other game that comes close to how interactive SSF is. Ah well, that’s my nostalgia post for this morning!


                  • Snoopy Mom
                    Snoopy Mom commented
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                    Cat, I can't believe you hadn't been visiting your garden! It's actually my favorite part. ????

                    That said, I've long dreamed of how great it would've been if they had included seasonal options there like Christmas trees. I'd have gladly turned my garden into a Christmas tree lot for the holidays. ????

                  • the cat next door
                    the cat next door commented
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                    Wouldn’t it have been great if they had done a Charlie Brown Christmas update for the garden? We could’ve had shiny aluminum Christmas trees and lights and displays and of course the poor little CB tree. Gee I wish they had done that!

                    I also really miss the snow in the game. I’m going to be decorating for Christmas (unless something happens to my game) and it just isn’t the same without snow. ????

                • My fair kicked me out while I was rearranging and I could hear Ric's post about fearing a corrupted game. So I opened the rest of my PMBs:
                  Shoe stall
                  cake shop
                  water feature
                  trading card stand
                  mini mont st michel
                  owen's hot rod
                  roast chicken stall
                  treasure chest

                  And uLD kindly spit out two more PMBs. I'm going to open them when I finally record my video tour.

                  I'm also experiencing another weird thing: NOT leveling up. I just want to end on Level 400. But all the coins and stars obscure my ability to rearrange my fair. So counter to my old goals. ????


                  • the cat next door
                    the cat next door commented
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                    That sure is a different problem! Seeing all coins and stars in the fair usually is a good thing! I’ve been using Snoopy to collect instead of an SD to instant collect, but I really don’t know why I’m trying to save SDs anymore..... My fair has been acting fine, but I agree that corruption with no back up on a server would be very, very bad. Have to make that video tour soon. I’d really hate to see my game disapoof one morning! ????????????

                  • Snoopy Mom
                    Snoopy Mom commented
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                    Kay, that is so strange. So what is happening? Are you unable to collect coins and stars, collecting and not seeming to progress, or something else?

                    Having the game corrupt without the ability to restore sat long in the back of my mind, which is why I finally caved and just opened my remaining PMBs. I wanted to end more or less on my own terms, as much as resonably possible anyway.